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[Update] [eBook] Customise Windows 7 from A to Z

Find free in this ebook in PDF format all articles concerning the customisation of Windows 7. Visual themes, logons screens, Aero, Dreamscene: anyway, it’s all going on!

full ebook to Customise Windows 7

RSZ’S: : the eBook has been updated: version 1.1 available (correction of spelling errors and presentation bugs)

Customise Windows 7, the Ultimate Guide (603.5) KiB, 19,485 downloads)

Table of Contents

  • Visual themes
    • Customise Windows 7 from A to Z
    • Unlock hidden regional themes on Windows 7
    • Patch your Windows system to add third-party Themes
    • AeroVG Se7en, a beautiful theme for Windows 7 has to download
  • Aero user interface
    • Adjust Aero Peek Display Delay on Windows 7
    • To activate Aero Peek on Windows 7
    • To activate AeroSnap on Windows 7
    • Show icos instead of thumbnails in the Explorer on Windows 7
    • Solve Aero Display Problems on Windows 7
  • Taskbar and Start menu
    • Return to the old design of the bar of the facùches facùon XP/Vista in Windows 7
    • Add system shortcuts to Windows 7 taches bar
    • Adjust Windows 7 Tap Bar Miniature Display Delay
    • Search the Internet from the Start menu of Windows 7
    • CSMenu, restore the classic boot menu on Windows 7
    • Taskbar Texturiser, add textures to Windows 7/Vista/XP taches bar
  • Logon Screen
    • Customise the Windows 7 connection screen without installing third-party software
    • Customise the Windows 7 connection screen with Logon Changer
  • Ergonomics
    • Change text size on Windows 7
    • Enable a window over the mouse on Windows 7
    • Make the Open with a program function immediate in Windows
  • Office
    • Enable Windows DreamScene on Windows 7
    • Improve the readability of icos with DreamScene on Windows 7
    • Remove the Gadgets module from the context menu on Windows 7
    • WindowsPager, use virtual desktops on Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Miscellaneous
    • Edit registration information on Windows 7/Vista
    • Reorganising the notification area in Windows 7
    • Customise the command prompt on Windows 7
  • Visual Resources
    • Wallpapers HD
    • Themes for Windows 7

Do not hesitate to inform us of any bugs, spelling errors or other errors for a future update. Good reading!


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