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[Update] [e-book] Windows 7, the ultimate guide: optimisation, customisation, security, network

Windows 7, le guide ultime pour optimiser, personnaliser et sécuriser votre PC - ebook

The Protuts team presents its 3 rd ebook dedicated to Windows 7. On the program, nearly 500 pages of tutorials to Optimise, Customise, Secure and Administer your network on Windows 7.

Windows 7, le guide ultime (page de garde)
Windows 7, the ultimate guide (page of guard)

Learn how to optimise every piece of your computer, customise from a to z the Aero graphical interface, secure your files and folders, and make the best use of your network, simply and easily with 481 pages of tutorials.

Download the Windows 7 e-book now, the ultimate guide

This ebook is completely free. However, the design and implementation of the latter requires important work. To thank us, we would be very happy to include you among:

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Windows 7, the ultimate guide by Protuts (unknown, 14,079 downloads)


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