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Make updates under Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu has an ingenious system update module. Its particularity lies in the principle that all updates are made by this manager. This centralising side is much more convenient than having to search for new versions of software or patches for each one that has their own services.

Configuring Automatic Updates

By default, Ubuntu displays a notification as soon as updates are available. Then simply click on the icon in question to perform the upgrade.

Then click on the button Install Updates then wait a few moments — time to download and then install the various patches.

Note the presence of a button titled Configuration... Click on it and go to the tab Updates. There, check that the first 2 boxes are checked, namely:

  • Important security updates (jaunty-security);
  • Recommended updates (jaunty-updates);
Capture décran - Préférences de mises à jour du système
Capture of #39; Screen — System Update Preferences

If you want to test unfinished updates, check the box Pre-version updates (jaunty-proposed) but it’s at your own risk! Instability problems are likely to arise.

You can also change the verification frequency. Just choose from the drop-down list in the section Automatic updates, the interval that suits you best. By the way, note that the box Check for updates is checked by default.

To confirm these operations, click on Close. A window will ask you to update the information. So do it. Update, the window will disappear in a few seconds.

Deactivation of automatic updates

However, if you prefer to manually check for updates, follow the following manipulation.

In the menu System, déroulez Administration then click on the module Update Sources. In the tab Updates, uncheck Check for updates.

From now on, it’s up to you to upgrade your system! To do this, open the module Update Manager present in System then Administration.

Capture décran - Gestionnaire de mises à jour sous Ubuntu
Capture of #39; screen — Update Manager in Ubuntu

Do so. Check then Install Updates if need be.

From now on, keeping your Ubuntu distribution up-to-date will no longer have secrets for you! Simplicity is worth it, don't you think?

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