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Perform an express upgrade to Windows 7

Want to move to higher speed by investing in a more complete edition of Windows 7? Professional edition to Integrale edition, Family to Professional... all scenarii are possible provided you purchase the required serial key. Only 10 minutes are enough to perform the upgrade.

From start Menu, search Express Upgrade or go through the Control Panel.

Capture d'écran - Panneau de configuration, module Mise à niveau express
Screenshot — Control Panel, Express Upgrade Module

An assistant then launches and offers you 2 upgrade methods:

  • Log in to choose the Windows 7 edition that best suits you : in this case, you have no idea the benefits of an upgrade. So you didn't make your purchase, or maybe even your choice when it comes to publishing. Comparison tables should help you;
  • Enter an upgrade key : have you ever got a serial key? In this case, all you have to do is grasp it and the upgrade process will then begin;
Capture d'écran - Assistant de mise à niveau express, choix de la méthode
Screenshot — Express Upgrade Wizard, Method Selection

In this tutorial, we will opt for the second solution and we will upgrade the Professional edition to the Integrale.

Start by entering your serial key. Don't worry about capital letters or dashes because everything is handled automatically.

Capture d'écran - Saisie de la clé de mise à niveau
Screenshot of screen — Entering the upgrade key

To continue, do Next. Windows now checks the validity of the key.

Capture d'écran - Vérification de la clé de série auprès de Microsoft
Screen capture — Check the serial key with Microsoft

Once this famous serial key has been verified, click on Next then accept the license agreement.

Capture d'écran - Validation du contrat de licence de Windows
Screenshot — Windows License Agreement Validation

So click on the button I accept to go to the last step of the wizard.

Capture d'écran - Mise à niveau dans 3,2,1... 0
Screenshot of screen — Upgrade in 3.2.1... 0

Here you are ready to click on Upgrade. As shown on the screen, the computer will restart several times: be sure to close all open apps to avoid losing your job.

Capture d'écran - Processus de mise à niveau déclenché
Screenshot of screen — Upgrade process triggered

Wait about ten minutes and click the button Close when Windows has restarted.

Capture d'écran - Mise à niveau accomplie
Screenshot of screen — Upgrade completed

Well done! You have just made a change to the Windows 7 edition.

It is now impossible to return to the previous edition but you can always upgrade to a higher edition as long as you are not on Windows 7 Integrale. I recommend professional edition that brings real new features for the user whose XP Mode.


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  • DauphineGirl

    Good morning,
    I tried your solution on a Netbook that I recently purchased (Asus) and which has Windows 7 Edition starter.
    I get the following message:
    The upgrade key is a Windows edition that doesn't work with Express Upgrade. Enter another upgrade key. “

    I have a license key for a version of Windows 7 Professional (x86)
    Could you help me solve my problem, please?

      • DauphineGirl

        I‘m sorry for the response time, I’ve been taken quite a bit...
        First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer me.
        And second, my version of 7 Professional is a full version that I had free of charge with college. So I don't know if it changes the game or not?
        What do you advise me?

        • Um, I think it’s really abnormal. You'd have to see this with your computer dealer or Microsoft customer support over the phone.

          Honestly, either I miss something, or it’s a Windows bug...

          • DauphineGirl

            I don't know if this is of any importance but the version of 7 professional I had with college, I previously installed it on my main computer (before trying anything with the netbook)...
            could it be a license key story or I don't know what kind of thing?

  • Helpme:)

    Hey, hey,
    so for now I don‘t know if it’s a problem or not but recently I’ve switched from windows 7 family to professional and for some time he asks me a license key for windows 7 professional (in the case according to the message)
    I marked the product key and it refuses it is normal?

  • Helpme:)

    thank you for your quick answer but in reality my problem is that I bought an upgrade for seven professional and I mark the license key inside the case and it refuses it (I tried several times in case I would type badly) is that normal?
    thank you in advance

  • Question

    Hey, hey,
    I came across this subject and I have a question
    in fact I bought a laptop (windows 7 family) and I wanted the professional but I was wrong in taking the “upgrade designed for vista” did not go and the seller who advised me neither,
    so I have a question, he asks me the activation key except that it doesn‘t work since I don’t have a xp or vista pro version so if I pass a new product key for professional is it going to work?
    thank you in advance

      • NICOLO

        Thanks but I have the official dvd win7 pro in full box EUR 300 not an update and of course its license key? So no need to put the dvd win pro in the drive and only when the time comes on the screen type this famous code......or? ...What simply follow the above process?
        Thank you again for enlightening me.

  • Maron

    Hello I made an express upgrade to windows 7 ultimate but after upgrading the computer displays that windows can not start and proposes to switch to repair mode but I choose it then I start the repair but it does not find any solution I had to restore the computer I would like to know how to fix this problem in case it was coming again before proceeding to a new upgrade and I would like to know if the causes of this boot refusal thank you to reply again