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Prevent websites from geolocating you in Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9

Capture d'écran - Empêcher le tracking de votre PC sous Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 and IE 9 offer a common feature that is to prevent websites from geographically locating you. To improve your privacy, protect yourself without further delay!

Prevent geolocation in Firefox 4

Start by clicking on the Firefox menu then on Options.

Then go to the tab Advanced then General.

Here, check the box Tell websites not to track me.

Capture d'écran - Empêcher le tracking de votre PC sous Firefox 4
Screenshot — Prevent tracking of your PC under Firefox 4

Don't forget to validate by clicking OK.

Preventing geolocation in Internet Explorer 9

To do the same under IE 9, click on the wheel icon to access the Internet Options.

Capture d'écran - Options Internet sous Internet Explorer 9
Screenshot — Internet Options under Internet Explorer 9

In the tab Confidentiality, check the box Never allow websites to request your physical location.

Capture d'écran - Internet Explorer 9, blocage de l'emplacement physique
Screen capture — Internet Explorer 9, blocking physical location

Confirm by clicking on the button OK.

Protecting your privacy has no price on the web. This includes the use of recent browsers and compliance with good surfing practices.


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  • Lolimod

    I can't understand the meaning of this kind of trick!
    Under Androphone I appreciate this feature
    My netbook and Android also and frankly when you are in nomadic, or even fix at home you type in google or something, the answers his step a tata’ouine, and then it locates that the transport address, you talk at once

    it’s a comeback.... at last! No one still has his minitel?

    • Aurélien Denis Post author

      This is different from a mobile geolocation service that will first ask whether or not to activate the location.

      This system is supposed to prevent geolocation to target ads or use your position for more or less malicious purposes.

      So much on a mobile phone it’s important to be geolocated, so much at home, think about our privacy.

  • MOA

    Okay for IE9, but for Firefox it’s not that at all.

    This option is not at all related to Geolocation.
    This is the “pisting” of advertisers, i.e. browsing habits, cookies etc...

    “Indicate websites not to track me: Check this box will tell websites that you wish to withdraw from tracking by advertisers and other third parties. Honouring this setting is voluntary — websites are not obliged to respect it. “

    The Geolocalistion is something else:


  • Thank you, for the information I just removed my history from my google profile even if it helps me to see more on the sites than my frequent little brothers:P. A little spying in fact not bad.

    Thank you again.

  • Jim

    This Firefox option is useless: it is based on the volunteering of the sites visited.
    Do you know any serious site that would not track its visitors?