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Run any Windows program with a keyboard shortcut

Capture d'écran - Menu contextuel d'un raccourci du bureau sous Windows 7

Adheres to keyboard shortcuts on Windows or other applications like Photoshop? So why not create your own shortcuts to launch your favorite apps? Follow the guide!

To do this, right-click on the shortcut of your choice located on your desktop or elsewhere on your PC and opt to Properties.

Capture d'écran - Menu contextuel d'un raccourci du bureau sous Windows 7
Screenshot — context menu of a desktop shortcut on Windows 7

On the tab Shortcut, in the field Shortcut key, enter the key of your choice to automatically create the key combination (CTRL+ALT+your letter). In our example, we preferred to use the numbers on the numeric keypad for more simplicity (one key to type).

Capture d'écran - Ajout d'un raccourci clavier à une application sous Windows 7
Screenshot — Adding a keyboard shortcut to an application on Windows 7

Click on OK to validate.

Simple, fast and very convenient.



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  • Leafy

    Good morning,
    It’s bluffing! Really amazing! I still don't believe this facility.
    I work a lot with keyboard shortcuts but this will be even more because I'm going to make them, now, in my own way.
    Thank you again for your work to help us.

  • Leafy

    Good morning,
    first of all, thank you for all these tutorials, very well explained, that even I can understand.
    I was very happy, but there was a little problem.
    When I wanted to work on Libre Office calc, the 1 of the numeric keypad chosen to open the program was no longer working.
    I had changed my keyboard: same problem. By going back and removing the 1 from the program launch, the 1 of the numeric keypad has returned to normal operation.
    If, for example, I had installed 9 programs to launch in this way, the entire keypad would have been inoperative.
    Small participation to prevent others from catching sweats and stress like me.