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Export/import your wireless network settings on Windows 7

Setting up a WIFI network (wireless) requires input of the interminable WEP or WPA security key. However, if you are using multiple computers or your network settings have not been saved, you will need to look again for this damned key and other information relevant to network configuration. However, there is a simple way to export these settings to a USB stick or flash card.

Export a network profile

To get started, click on the icon Network the notification area. Right click on the network of your choice and choose Properties.

Capture décran - Liste des connexion réseau sous Windows 7
Screenshot of screen — List of network connections on Windows 7

Go to the tab Connection from the window that appears then click on Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive.

Capture décran - Propriétés dune connexion sans fil
Screenshot of screen — Properties of a wireless connection

If a security message appears, allow the action.

A wizard first asks you to insert a USB drive (conventional USB key or Flash card) that will be used to store network settings. Once the USB device has been inserted, click on Next.

Capture décran - Assistant dexportation de profil réseau
Screenshot — Network Profile Export Wizard

Then wait for a few moments, the time of the copy.

Capture décran - Copie de profil en cours
Screenshot of screen — Copy of current profile

The operation completed, click on Close.

Import a network profile

Now that your USB device contains all the information from your network profile, connect it to the computer that requires wireless network configuration.

Capture décran - Options de lecture automatique
Screenshot of screen — Automatic playback options

If autoplay options are enabled, simply click on Connect to a wireless network with Windows Connect Now. Otherwise, open the device — notice in the passage that the icon represents a USB drive and WIFI, and then double-click on setupSNK.exe.

A warning message asks whether or not you confirm the addition of the computer to the wireless network. Make Yes then OK.

Capture décran - Ajout de lordinateur au réseau sélectionné
Screenshot of screen — Adding computer to selected network

You are now connected to the wireless network without requiring any network configuration. Repeat the profile import operation as many times as necessary. This trick works on Windows XP, Vista and Seven. Finally, note that your security key is clear on the USB stick: so be careful!


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  • RESO

    Good morning,
    is it possible to do this from a Win 7 computer to a Win 8?
    Or is there a trick for us to launch this damn key under win8.