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Permanently close a ModernUI (Metro) application on Windows 8.1

Capture d'écran - Fermeture définitive de l'application Météo de Windows 8.1

One of the changes introduced in Windows 8.1 is how an application closes: either close it as on Windows 8 (in this case it remains active, “pause” mode), or we close it permanently. Unleash hardware resources with this simple trick to perform.

Edit: Article updated following comments from our readers.

To do this, position your mouse cursor at the top of the application. Your cursor then changes in hand.

Click and hold the pressed-click pulling down the window.

Capture d'écran - Fermeture définitive de l'application Météo de Windows 8.1

The application will be reduced. Do not release the click, wait a few seconds until the application performs a rotation on itself, then let go.

Capture d'écran - Dernière étape de fermeture définitive de l'application Météo sous WIndows 8.1

Now the application is permanently closed.

A convenient option completely hidden from Windows 8.1 users.



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  • Stéphane

    It was already the case on Windows 8, right? We take the app at the top and we “gliss” it to the bottom of the screen and hop it is closed.

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      After retesting all this, Microsoft changed the behavior to close a ModernUI application between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. On Windows 8.1, close an application the same way as on W8, no longer closes the application but pauses it (to realise it, open the Task Manager Process tab). While following the way described in the tutorial, the process disappeared well. A rather weird change, you have to confess.

  • Stéphane

    Indeed, I just did the test also under 8.1 and it’s very strange about a small change of app closure.
    On the other hand with ALT+F4, the app this firm always completely closes (disappearance of the task manager), so slightly faster than waiting for the “return” for the closure.