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Disable all push notifications requests in Firefox

Capture d'écran - Paramètres des notifications push sous Firefox

More and more of this site encourages you to subscribe to their push notifications to be alerted to their latest published content. The major problem is their intrusive and annoying side when browsing, which forces you to make a decision on the application popup in order to see it disappear from the screen. Learn how to block them all without exception.

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Disable Firefox Pocket

Firefox Pocket

Available since version 38, Firefox Pocket is now integrated natively since v. 41. This tool allows you to save an article, video or page to read them later. Except that this feature uses the services of the Pocket site, whose user data ends up knowing where. Too bad on the part of Mozilla, especially since the functionality could have been managed by Firefox Sync. Let’s see how to turn it off.

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Disable Firefox playback mode

Capture d'écran - About config de Firefox

Firefox’s version 38 integrates playback mode as we've already seen on iOS for a long time. Accessible from a small icon on the right in the address bar, it only displays the text content of a web page in a so-called playback mode. If you find this new option unnecessary and bulky, read this article!

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Disable Firefox Hello

Capture d'écran - Accès à Firefox Hello

Firefox 35 incorporates a novelty called Firefox Hello. This small module (in partnership with Telefonica) allows you to make videoconferencing without any registration by sharing a link with other users. Let’s go to paranoid mode without further delay and learn how to disable it.