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Disable Firefox search suggestions

Capture d'écran - Onglet Vie privée de Firefox

If you enter the beginning of an address or keyword in Firefox’s “awesome bar”, the latter automatically offers suggestions for terms based on your history and favorites to make it easier for you. If these proposals bother you, learn how to disable them through our tutorial.

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Disable automatic scrolling in Firefox 3 and +

Capture d'écran - Le défilement automatique activé sous Firefox (clic-milieu de la souris)

When you want to open a link in a new tab quickly, the method is to click with the middle button of your mouse (pressing the wheel). Although very convenient, 1 times out of 4, if you click slightly next to the link, the automatic scrolling activates and you quickly found yourself at the bottom of the page. Very annoying in the long run. Let’s learn how to disable this feature.