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Flash Player for Internet Explorer 9-64 bits

Recently faced with this problem, Internet Explorer in 64-bit version does not have Flash because Adobe has not made it compatible. Solve this drawback without further delay.

Before you start, know that by default Internet Explorer runs in 32-bit mode. To benefit from the 64 bits, open the start Menu, enter Internet Explorer 64 and do Entry.

To solve this problem, we will install a version Release Candidate of Flash Player in version 11 (it’s actually a quasi-final version) and 64-bit compatible.

Go to the website ofAdobe Labs to proceed with the download or click on the link below (as Flash versions evolve quickly, the download link may no longer be valid after some time. Then use the Adobe Labs link):

Flash Player 11 RC Internet Explorer 64 Bits (7.6) MiB, 3,101 downloads)

Double-click to start the installation, check the box I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Flash Player license agreement and click on Install.

Click on Finish to finalise the installation.

Open Internet Explorer 9 in 64-bit mode then a web page requiring Flash like Dailymotion and admire the result: Flash is now operational!

No more error messages requiring Flash under 64-bit IE 9!

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