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Format a USB drive to NTFS on command line

Capture d'écran - Invite de commandes Windows, gestion des disques

Why use the command line to format a USB stick even though such an option is accessible via the context menu or disk management tool? Precisely, when these traditional methods fail by showing you an error that does not advance you at nothing. If you are used to format your USB stick regularly — under several operating systems in particular, then follow this tutorial.

Open a Commands prompt in admin mode. To do this, look for the application and then right click to run the program with all rights — under Windows 8, an icon at the bottom of the screen appears.

Enter diskpart to start the disk management utility. Now we need to list the different disks present on your PC via the command list disk

Capture d'écran - Invite de commandes Windows, gestion des disques
Screenshot — Windows command prompt, disk management

Find the USB stick or any other external device you want to format and then type the command select disk 1

The number 1 corresponds in my case to disk number 1. It’s up to you to adapt according to your discs!

Then run the command clean to carry out a first cleaning.

Let’s now create the new partition by chaining the following commands:

create primary partition

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs

Wait a few minutes, the time of formatting.

Continue with the command assignment to assign a letter to the disk and finish with the command exit.

Your USB stick or external hard drive is now reformater properly into NTFS.


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