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Win a trip to New York by participating in the Imagine Cup 2011!

Are you a student, computer enthusiast, and dream of visiting New York? Then the Imagine Cup 2011 competition organised by Microsoft is made for you! In 2010, 325,000 students participated, no longer wait!

Presentation video

The competition

The theme

“Imagining a world where technologies contribute to solving the most difficult problems”, according to the United Nations, namely, eradicating hunger and poverty in the world, education for all, promoting gender equality, reducing child mortality, improving the care of pregnant women, combating the most prevalent diseases, protecting the environment and developing sustainable and equal partnerships among countries.

The tests

To achieve this, you can compete in several categories of events:

  • Software design : creation of software;
  • Game design : creating a game;
  • Embedded development : create an on-board application (for cars, mobile...);
  • Digital media : create a video for online video sharing sites;
  • Windows Phone 7 : create a Windows Phone 7 application;
  • It Challenge : quiz and test your knowledge in real situation;
  • Interoperability Challenge : create an application capable of interacting between different systems;
  • Windows 7 Touch Challenge : create a tactile application;
  • Orchard Challenge : create a plugin for the Orchard CMS.


1 trip to New York for finalists and over $100,000 for winners.

I'm signing up!

To participate, click on the link below and enter the code F7PLYFVXKS when registering in the field Referral code :

I want to help the world by participating in the Imagine Cup 2011 now!

Good luck and have fun!


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