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Greasemonkey, the Firefox extension that pushes the boundaries of your Internet browser

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension with amazing potential. This module allows you to modify the design and/or functionality of a web page via the introduction of JavaScript code with a single click.There are hundreds of scripts available to improve the user experience on, among others, community sites (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace...), online gaming sites (Ogame, Travian...), etc.

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Greasemonkey Installation

Start by downloading the Greasemonkey extension:

Greasemonkey (140.6) KiB, 2,106 downloads)

Then click on the button Install, wait a few moments and restart Firefox via the button provided for this purpose.

Management of scripts


Now you need to install scripts that will allow you to add features to your favorite sites. To do this, browse the directory of the official website where more than 33,000 scripts are waiting for you.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Firefox, installation dun script pour Greasemonkey
Screenshot — Mozilla Firefox, installing a script for Greasemonkey


A small Greasemonkey icon appears in the Taskbar. A left-click allows to enable or disable the module. A right-click opens a context menu allowing you in particular to Manage scripts.

The left column lists the installed scripts, while the right column allows you to allow/ban the script in a web page for the selected script.

Finally, always having taken care to select a script via the left column, you can enable/disable the script in question via the check box Activate.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Firefox, gestion des scripts Greasemonkey
Screenshot — Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey script management

Examples of scripts

Here is a small selection of the best scripts currently available for Greasemonkey:

  • Nested Twitter Replies : nested comments and link to reply to a tweet (as in WordPress 2.7);
  • Facebook Fix : avatars and enlarged photos, possibility to see people’s age, integration of Google Calendar, keyboard shortcuts, links to download videos...;
  • Google Preview Enhanced : preview and comment directly in Google Reader...

In the end, Greasemonkey is an unavoidable extension for Firefox that greatly facilitates the lives of Internet users. And you friends readers, Greasemonkey fan? What are your favorite scripts?


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