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Insert a background image on one or more pages in Word 2007

Previously, we have seen how to create a guard page in Word 2007. Today, I propose that you apply an image in the background, on one or more pages, without any margin.

This article is the subject of a request by Jean-Baptiste Jung. If like him you have a request in terms of tutorials or tricks, submit them to the forum!

1era method — A common image on all pages

Launch Word 2007 and open the tab Layout.

Then click on the module Page Color of the section Background of page then on Patterns and textures...

Capture d'écran - Module Couleur de page
Screenshot — Page Color Module

Now open the tab Image then go look for the image of your choice that will appear in the background on the page in question. To do this, click on the button Select an image...

Capture d'écran - Sélection de limage darrière-plan
Screenshot of screen — Selection of background image

N.B. : the image should be, preferably in the dimensions of the page — A4 by default, otherwise it will go beyond the visible frame.

To finalise the operation, click on OK.

Admire the result!

2e method — An image specific to each page

This second way of doing things is more of a trick than a classic manipulation. In fact, creating a page with a unique background to it is impossible in Word. However, it is possible to circumvent the problem. Explanations.

In the tab Insertion, click on the module Image of the section Illustrations.

Capture d'écran - Insertion dune image dans Word 2007
Screenshot — Insert an image in Word 2007

Look for the image of your choice and click on the button Insert from the dialog box.

In order for it to adopt the dimensions of the page, we will have to reimmensionate it. To do this, click on the small blue arrow in the section Size.

In the section Scale, uncheck the following boxes:

  • Proportional;
  • Proportional to the original size of the image;

In the section Size and rotation, fill in the following fields (for a page A4):

  • Height: 29.7 cm;
  • Width: 21.1 cm;
  • Rotation: 90° (useful for landscape images);

If you rotate at 90°, reverse the values for height to width.

Capture d'écran - Word 2007, redimensionnement de l'image
Screenshot of screen — Word 2007, resise image

To validate it all, click on the button Close.

Now we need to correct the placement of the image on our page.

In the section Organise from Office Ribbon, click on Text cladding then on Other disposition options

Capture d'écran - Word 2007, choix de l'habillage du texte
Screenshot of screen — Word 2007, choice of text dressing

Select Profile Behind the text, this will allow us to add text on it.

Now position the cursor on the image, then move it so that it is perfectly positioned on the page.

Now move the page to mode Preview before printing. There are still margins!

To remove them, click on the blue arrow of the module Layout.

Capture d'écran - Word 2007, options de mise en page
Screenshot of screen — Word 2007, layout options

Delete all margins and then validate by clicking on OK.

A warning message is then displayed: click on Ignore.

Capture d'écran - Word 2007, message d'avertissement
Screenshot of screen — Word 2007, warning message

Because of the deletion of margins, we need to reposition the image on the page again.

Finally, if you want to find correct margins for the other pages of the document:

  • Go back to the module Page Layout ;
  • Add the margins of your choice (2.5 cm by default);
  • Specify From this point in the drop-down list Apply to ;

Validate by clicking on OKAY. OKAY.

Enjoy the result after this hard work!


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  • the masked blogger

    What version of office 2007 do you have? because I since I had it insert images for all pages works correctly but not image per page.

  • @le masked blogger: the last one is up-to-date.

    However, to have an image specific to each page of your document, the method is more informal than anything else. What’s the point that’s stuck on your side?

  • Laval

    I apply the first method but when I save my document in PDF, my image, of size A4, is divided into ten small images... and I cannot check “lock the proportions of the image”... I tried a lot of things and nothing works... HELP!

  • @Laval : indeed, I just did the test... but I'm afraid there are no solutions because it’s a problem specific to the PDF file. It’s either Adobe Reader that miscodes the file and in that case, maybe a future version will support this kind of thing, or Word is the one that miscodes them.

    That said, I tried to convert my file via and the result remains the same. So you'll have to go without a wallpaper image for your PDFs.

    Unless someone here knows the solution...

  • the power of

    good evening,
    actually I have another question!
    is it possible to make two pages of different background colors?
    I use word 2007
    thank you.

  • C.

    Hello, I would like to put a different background image on each page, while when I am your explanations, I have the same background image for all pages. HELP ME PLEASE!

  • Al-West

    Well done and clear this tuto, thank you!
    There is one detail that I do not understand and (especially!) fail to resolve: I created an InDesign doc in A4 format and exported the result to make it a JPEG image to insert it as a background image into a Word file. The exported image is in A4 format, info confirmed by Photoshop. When I insert it according to the first method to my Word file, paf! it is too big... and impossible to reduce it (I do not have the possibility to check the box “lock the proportions of the image” — not sure that it would have solved the problem, that said). However, my Word file seems to be in A4 format.
    Any idea of a solution?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Bast


    I think we have the same problem.
    I would like to create a layout template on word to print, but the background makes whims and the file is super heavy (since there is an A4 image (and heavy) in the background).
    Photoshop and InD are so simpler but still reserved for pros...

    • Al-West

      Indeed, Adobe software has this undeniable drawback: so much easier to use when you know how to handle them and a lot too complicated first when you don't know anything about it...

      However, I think I found a solution (with some help!) for this famous moving image at the bottom of the page under Word:
      — insert the image in the header of the page (via the Insert tab > Image — the classic way!)
      — put the dressing “Behind the text”
      — manage the dimensions of the image to take the whole page
      — save the document and reopen it to write the text in the body of the page (that’s a little bit of hacking, but I couldn't otherwise get out of the header once I had inserted the image...:-x)

      Does that help you, Bast?
      For the weight of the file, mine is less than 500 KB but my image is not very heavy...

  • Marine

    Hello =)
    I want to know how to print a background on the full page if my image is smaller than the expected frame! I use word 2010!
    Thank you =)

  • tiriiana

    NOTE: For those who would have problems doing a “Preview before printing” under Word 2007, because the image (by method 1) does not appear. Just go to:
    Preview before printing > Print Options > COCHER “print colors and images in the background”

  • arfenial

    sniff sniff sniff Oh my gooooood sincerely thanksiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you are my savior... it’s exactly what I was looking for for my report =) thank you sincerely thank you superb so so simple also thank youiiiii

  • dhesty

    Hello, after reading your various comments and help, I would like to highlight one of my problems that I encounter on an image inserted on a microsoft word model 2010 with text boxes, by the fact I have to produce the same doc. with headers instead of text boxes. my problem is that when I finish creating my doc. word to preview print the image is too big, also when I print my image out in +sieurs on my A4 sheet

  • Blandine

    Good evening Aurélien Denis,

    I appreciate your page but I have a concern and I need your help. I would like to write a word like for example (MAMAN) and this word MAMAN I would like to put it in the background repeatedly throughout the format. That is to say, I would like the word MAMAN to be displayed repeatedly (MAMAN, MAMAN, MAMAN, etc.) on the whole format and in the background.

    How to achieve this STP?

    • Vanessa

      Good morning! I have a problem with my watermark image. On some pages the text is as bold when it gives on the watermark why? Can't change...