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Install multimedia codecs in Ubuntu 8.10

Want to play DVDs, listen to your WMAs or even AAC files? Although these are proprietary formats, Ubuntu is still able to read them without any problems. However, it is necessary to know the proper handling to obtain all the different packs of codecs needed for most audio and video files.

1era method — Playing a multimedia file

This is the simplest solution. Open any file, if there is a problem then a module will allow you to search for missing codecs via the Internet.

To do this, simply click on the button Find.

Capture décran - Recherche des codecs multimédias
Screenshot of screen — Search for multimedia codecs

Now select the 2 available codec packs from the list and proceed to the installation.

Capture décran - Ajout de nouveaux codecs via le gestionnaire de paquets
Screenshot of screen — Installation of necessary codecs

Once completed, your content became legible.

2e method — Use Package Manager

The first solution presents little difficulty. However, it requires constant access to the Internet because you cannot anticipate what kind of multimedia content you will be required to read. So it’s wise to install most audio and video codecs in advance so you don't have to do it later.

For this, go to Applications then Add/Delete Applications. In the search field, enter codec then press the button Entry. If no results are displayed, you must first select All available applications in the drop-down window next to the search field.

There’s a message coming up. So click on Accept then check the 2 packages titled:

  • GStreamer Dirac video plugin;
  • GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin;

Confirm any messages when adding to the selection and then validate the changes by clicking on the button Apply Changes. Wait for a few moments, the time to download and then install the codecs.

Capture décran - Recherche de codecs disponibles via le gestionnaire de paquets
Screenshot of screen — Search for available codecs via package manager

Now your PC is able to read about everything and anything without any problem! Enjoy!


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  • Justiciate


    One more small intervention.
    Totem is far from being the best media player under ubuntu.

    I'll advise you two:

    — The first VLC available via the package manager.
    — And Gnome Mplayer (Your good drive with a graphical interface).

    It’s up to you to choose


  • @joesatrianivai : thank you very much!

    @Justiciate & Zippy : Since Totem is provided by default under Ubuntu, it is he that I chose to highlight in the screenshot.

    That said, are there any modules similar to the BBC or Youtube search for VLC or mplayer? A debate is therefore launched!

  • Justiciate

    @Maigret: That’s a good question! Generally I go to the site directly
    From memory there was a script for mplayer allowing a streaming of flash videos youtube even if we did not have the flash plugin, but no ‘modules’ to my knowledge...

    On the other hand, it is possible to drive mplayer or vlc from a web page, ajax or other... So...!

  • Justiciate

    @Maigret: When I edited my text it replaced all spaces with and the text was illegible, problem arranged after a page refresh.

    Test Edition.
    If you want more details, I can send you a screen by email