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Install a network printer on Windows 7/Vista

With the democratisation of ISP boxes, it is now possible to share a printer over a local network via a USB port.

Generally speaking, each computer in your network must have the drivers of the printer in question. Generally, Windows will pick them up in its personal database or log in to Windows Update. Some printers are not necessarily compatible with Windows 7 but alternatives include using generic drivers or running them in compatibility mode for Windows Vista, for example.

2 cases of figures exist:

  • The printer is connected to an ADSL router via USB (box);
  • The printer is directly shared via a network computer;

Case #1 — The printer is plugged into the box

Then it is necessary to follow the following procedure for all of your computers — the method being similar in Windows Vista and XP:

  1. Open the start Menu then click on Peripherals and printers ;

    Capture d'écran - Menu Démarrer, Périphériques et imprimantes
    Capture of #39; screen — Start Menu, Devices & Printers
  2. In the window that appears, click on Add a printer ;
  3. In the dialog box, choose Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer ;
  4. Capture d'écran - Ajout d'une imprimante réseau
    Capture of #39; screen — Added a network printer
  5. Windows will launch a search to detect printers on the network.

    Capture d'écran - Recherche d'une imprimante en cours
    Capture of #39; screen — Search for a printer in progress

Case of a Livebox

In the case of a Livebox, click on The printer I want is not listed then indicate http://livebox:631 Open Firefox 3.5; Select a printer shared by name.

Capture d'écran - Ajout d'une imprimante connectée à une Livebox
Capture of the screen — Added a printer connected to a Livebox

Make Next to keep going.

Case of a NeufBox (SFR)

In the case of a Neufbox, click on The printer I want is not listed then tick Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname.

Capture d'écran - Ajout d'une imprimante connectée à une Neufbox
Capture of the screen — Added a printer connected to a Neufbox

Make Next then wait for a few moments, the time of detection.

Capture d'écran - Détection du port TCP/IP automatique
Capture d' screen — Automatic TCP/IP port detection

Additional information is then requested from us. Let it tick Standard then Generic Network Card.

Capture d'écran - Informations complémentaires concernant le port
Capture of #39; screen — Additional port information

Make Next to continue the operation.

Configuration of Print Drivers

We now need to install the corresponding driver — although it is advisable to do this step in the first place. Select the manufacturer and then the printer model from the proposed lists.

If it is absent, 2 options are available to you:

  • Windows Update : conducts an Internet driver search with Microsoft;
  • Disc supplied... : insert the CD containing the drivers of the device in question;

Opt for either of the methods and then do it again Next. If by case the driver was already present on your PC, Windows will offer to keep it or replace it.

By recommendation, made Use the currently installed driver then click again on Next.

Capture d'écran - Choix de la version du pilote à utiliser
Capture of #39; screen — Choose the driver version to use

Now enter the name of the printer, indicating — why not, the name of the network to which it belongs.

Capture d'écran - Choix du nom de l'imprimante
Capture of the screen — Choosing the name of the printer

The next step is somewhat ambiguous because it consists of sharing the printer... indeed, the printer is beautiful and well connected on the network but you can also share it from your own PC. In some cases, this may be useful but it is quite rare!

Capture d'écran - Configuration du partage de l'imprimante
Capture d' screen — Configuring sharing of the printer

Do so. Do not share this printer. Finally, it is possible to tick Set as a default printer.

Capture d'écran - Vérification finale de l'installation de l'imprimante réseau
Capture of the screen — Final verification of l' installation of the network printer

To confirm, click on Finish unless you wish Print a test page to check the proper functioning of the system.

I didn't have the opportunity to test for other boxes, so refer to the user manual. Also note that information about filling levels of cartridges and various parameters is accessible from your router’s IP address, the traditional from a web browser.

Case #2 — The printer is shared from a computer

In this approach, it is necessary to permanently turn on the station that shares the printer. Much less ecological than the previous method...

To implement this method, simply repeat steps 1 to 4 of the first case. Here, Windows is able to identify you with printers. All you have to do is select the printer you want to add and then give it a name.

You now have a real printing center independent of any computer: your ADSL router is responsible for returning the print tasks to the connected printer via the USB port. In addition to printer sharing, it is possible to do the same with an external hard drive.


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  • Soulat marc

    I have a small ethernet home network with 2 PCs on XP and one that has a USB-connected Lexmark printer and an orange box.
    I want to add a laptop with W7 connected in WI FI.
    From this laptop, I see the disk resources of the PC on XP which has the connected printer, but I cannot connect to the printer of this PC on XP and I have the error message “Windows cannot connect to the printer”.
    Can you help me?

    • Aurélien Denis Post author

      Sorry but troubleshoot this type of problem without being in front of the screen and without seeing the different devices... it’s not easy. So I prefer not to get into it all the more since I should spend the day in view of the number of requests.

      Thank you for your understanding!

  • Dan

    Thank you very much.
    It’s been 2 hours since I've been struggling to connect my printer to my livebox.
    In fact, I wasn't returning the address to the right place....
    Thank you again.

  • Jean-Claude

    It’s clear. Thank you for the tutorial.

    Install a Canon MP520 multifunction on the Livebox2.
    Printing works perfectly, but the scanner part is inaccessible. As well as some diagnostic tools. It’s too bad.

    Remains the photocopy directly on the printer, or the obligation to reconnect the printer to USB (and then declare it “by default”) to obtain a scanned file.

  • Bernard says Choupinou

    Thank you for that tutorial.
    Simple and very clear, it allowed me to put my canon printer pixma ip3000 on my live box in 2 minutes, while I have been fighting for 3 days with the explanations of Orange.
    A small problem anyway, I do not have the ability to name the printer as I would like, a name is entered by default: (livebox_printer on http://livebox:631) and impossible to modify.
    My OS is Vista 32bits.
    If someone has a solution, please submit it.
    Very cordially.

  • Epson

    good evening, I have 2 pc under seven (including 1 mini under 7 starter) and it works under 1 pc, but the one under starter does not work I am told that the address is either bad or the printer is not on... an idea?

    • Epson

      Well, I think I found my answer, surfing on forums several people encounter the same malfunction under windows 7 starter and it would be a limitation related to the version of 7... Super surprise! I'm really disgusted from Microsoft’s policy on their 7 versions. Already on the starter version there are a lot of bridles, here is one more to add and not the least useful in my opinion!

  • Kanso

    Good morning,
    I have been trying for qlq days to install a shared printer on a network on my PC under 7
    Windows update causes a problem and displays the following error

    No pilots were found: Windows found no drivers for HP Laser Jet 5100 PS on the network.

    someone has an idea what it’s about as a pilot? sum it could be called? etc.

    Thank you

  • Jean louis

    Good morning
    I have a portable PC under W7 pro in WiFi on a livebox2 a pc tour under W xp pro in rj45 on this box I would like to share an external hard disk 1 TB USB ntfs a printer lazer interface usb and rj 45 and an inkjet printer interface usb and ieee1394 without being obliged to have the 2 PCs running is that possible?
    with an additional accessory
    What would be possible to the maximum?
    thank you
    see you soon

  • phane02

    Hello thank you for this help.
    I have an ip4200 cannon under win 7 64 I did exactly as you tell us but when he asks me for a test page, the print queue marks me error and nothing comes out?
    I think I have the same concern that Marion Lebaupin

    • Aurélien Denis Post author

      I don't have any idea about your problem. ISP boxes are regularly updated and this can cause problems. It’s not uncommon for me to have to reinstall my network printer so that it works again...

  • ProduPo

    Hello, I would like to thank the author of this forum because thanks to him I was able to install my printer without worries! It is 10 times far explain only on the orange assistance because they are still on windows XP. I benefied the one who took the time to do his because I was becoming singled! I am happy, and I will be him I will send this version to the orange assistance because it is a lot of me. Thank you again! Produpo

  • Amigafreeze

    Good morning.
    I just bought a portable PC (win7 64bits). I want to be able to use with this computer an Epson Stylus C84 printer connected to my desktop computer (Win XP).
    The desktop computer is connected (RJ45) to a livebox, the laptop via wifi.
    When I start looking for a new printer on the laptop, he finds it but doesn't find the driver.
    When I plug the printer directly into the laptop, Windows 7 finds me the driver immediately.

    How to do, which path to indicate for the network installation utility to find this driver?

  • Jean

    Hello, I have a problem,
    I have an epson office stylus office BX300F printer that I connected in USB to my livebox 2 and I don't want to print using my Windows 7 32bit computer. I installed the printer driver on my computer and is shared but nothing does.
    someone can help me please


    Good morning,

    I would like to know how I can connect the printer that is connected to my home computer on my laptop

    Thank you for your help

  • Regulated

    Thank you, after several web pages exhausted without success because nothing specified the differences appellations between xp and vista I came across your page. beautiful!

    Thank you again.

  • Melanie

    Good morning,
    I have a little question. I have an EPSON SX525WD printer connected in Wifi via my bbox (bouygues). Correct installation of the printer only my pc is unable to connect to the printer. I‘m missing components... I’ve been on Epson’s website to download the driver but it still doesn't work. What should I do? Thank you in advance,

    • Melanie

      After many adventures, I succeeded. The printer works. On the other hand, I have a problem with Office 2010. The printer only recognises earlier versions. Is there a problem with this 2010 version? Excuse me for bothering you, and paying attention to my message.

  • BORTA77

    Good morning
    I've been struggling for a while.
    I recently bought a laptop under win7-64 BITS that is connected in wifi through my box.
    I have another PC on XP with a connected Lexmark printer.
    I have built a network that allows me to connect my 2 PCs.
    I can't add the printer to my new laptop. I don't know if the driver of the lexmark should be installed on my new phone.
    By chance I downloaded the driver but I can't install it and my printer appears well with a big yellow triangle.
    I can‘t print while with another PC on Xp, I don’t have a problem.
    How should we do that?
    Thank you in advance for your help

      • BORTA77

        Thank you for the answer
        Yes the printer is under the xp.
        This is the lexmark x6170 (x6100 series).
        I have previously done the following test:
        —I connected the printer directly through the usb port to the win7. The printer is recognised, I can scan, but the printing does not start.
        I downloaded from lexmark the driver for VISTA -64 BITS because there is no driver for win7-64 bits
        It’s going a little bit, but there’s always a problem.

  • andre64

    Thank you for the tutorial it worked the first time when I was busy the whole night before.
    IMP Canon pixma ip5200r, on 9box with laptop windows 7 pro..

    • Stone

      Hello andre64,
      Can you confirm: connect your Canon pixmaIP5200 printer to the 9box USB port and connect your Windows 7pro laptop via the ninebox and your printer.
      Question: your mobile phone is connected via the 9Box or Ethernet (rj45) please tell me. Cordially

  • Sylvain

    I finally managed to run my printer connected to the LiveBox 2 via USB and this thanks to this tutorial.

    The small difference with the tutorial available on Orange support is as follows: instead of ticking the option ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’, simply tick the ‘Select a printer shared by name’ choice.

    And the light was!

    Would Orange people have accidentally copied/pasted the SFR procedure, since this is the NeufBox option? lol

  • Claudette comes

    Good morning,
    I bought a Windows 7 intel core
    I have a printer that works very well HP 3420
    but my laptop doesn't have it in its list of printers to install
    I tried everything at least on what I understand because I am not at all experienced in the computer.
    then I am told about drivers, what are these drivers, comments I do to find the drivers that will make my printer compatible, or at least that I find it
    I put the supplied disc as I did on my PC before, I installed this software but nothing happens, we do not find the HP3420 and even less the drivers, what to do?
    and try to be very clear and precise please because I don't understand much about computers.
    Thank you

  • Vincent

    Good morning,
    Thank you very much. Exactly like Sylvain on 20/09/11: And the light was!
    It remains to be seen how to use the device’s scan function when connected to the LiveBox via USB.

  • Alexander

    Good morning.
    In my case it’s impossible for... right now. Windows 7 Professional/Print brother MFC-J615W
    RJ45 connection on a Netgear FVS318 router.
    Here are the three problems:
    During the last installation phase of the utility/pilot package:
    1/error 0x0000070c the driver was not installed unable to complete this operation.
    I started the installation again but installing the driver only but the error recurs systematically.
    2/error 0x00000706 printing processor does not exist.
    The processor is the winprint.dll file in the Windows regist and yet there is.
    3/The printer is detected by Windows but if I try to connect from a browser to its local IP address I have 404 not found answer.
    I connect well on the router I do a ping is ok.
    During the installation attempt of the Windows driver tells me that the printer is not connected...
    Of course I switched on firewall/antivirus used the latest builder software.
    Support brother sent me for a walk saying we're not computer scientists...
    I have restored the system, controlled the compatibility of hardware devices cleaned the registry and finally I think the problem comes from windows but what can I reconfigure?
    I have not yet decided to reinstall Windows but I think it will not change much because since its installation it has served little.
    THAT’S IT.
    If you could offer me a step to solve my problem I will be grateful INFINIMENT

  • Hervé

    Thank you for these clear and, above all, fair explanations. After multiple attempts with different tutorials, yours is the right one. My printer is finally shared on my livebox. Hervé

  • Vince

    Thank you for these lights!
    These clear and precise explanations allowed me to connect my Brother HL-2030 printer to my Livebox2. Also valid for Windows 7 to a few small details.
    I still lost 3 hours trying and re-trying again and again to unpack myself with the explanations of Orange which for me had to be THE solution to connect without problems my printer.
    When you don't know you have to ask. We still have to find the right people.
    Long life at

  • Gerard Michel

    Hello, and thank you for all these indications that have the merit of being clear and that make everything work perfectly. For my part, I used Case No. 2 for 2 PCs under Seven and 1 on XP. Is it possible to add an iMac under Lion and how? Many thanks again for your explanations. gé

  • Yann

    Hello, after installing my epson sx400 on the PC I see it in the choices of network printers, so until then everything is ok on the other hand this one remains “offline” and does not print any doc... do you have an idea of what I miss? Thank you!

  • Ù

    Hello, I just bought an hp office jet 6500 e710n-z printer I try to put it in wifi but I can't.The printer is connected to my FREEBOX but I can't print the test page.What freebox address I have to put in “search a printer by name or TCP address:IP” thank you(I'm on windows 7)

  • Jerome

    Hey, hey,
    Your tutorial is top, but is it possible to scan documents by having the printer networked via an orange livebox?
    It’s an HP Photosmart printer.

  • Moulti40

    good morning,
    the network consists of the master pc1 of the printer hpcphotosmart6280 under seven the second under vista the 2 in network via box also set for printer sharing.
    it is impossible from pc2 to display the printer detectably.
    I followed the instructions, nothing did it.
    could you please help me?
    thank you in advance for your help.

  • Jean

    Good morning,
    Config with Vista Premium: Hp 930C printer on Box Thomson TG784 (Ovh) in Usb,
    I followed the tutorial rigorously without result.

    In the tree of exploring it, icon “Network/Thomson/Print” if I try “Add printer” I have the following message “You do not have the necessary rights to perform this operation” while I am in administrator mode.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

      • Jean

        Indeed there is a configuration via ‘Telnet’, which I carried out according to Ovh’s instructions, but I do not know how to check access to the printer, a test page remains resultless and pending in the printer folder.
        Thank you for your attention.

  • Jamano

    Good morning,

    how to install a network printer on the next generation free box share with three stations,
    I can't detect his IP address
    Thank you

  • Bobbypointe

    The tutorial works perfectly on my 2 pC in Windows Seven 64bits.
    If you‘ve tried multiple times before, it’s necessary to remove ALL ports created in your previous installations and all printers installed on your Livebox (the installations that don’t work). If they cannot be removed because ‘currently used’, turn off and turn the PC back on.
    Then follow the tuto and Tadaaaa, it works!

  • Ravachol

    great, thanks for the tutorials.
    I thought Orange’s tutos were enough, but no... not at all.
    Now everything works. Thank you again.

  • Razafintsalama

    good morning,
    I would like to ask for a solution to be able to install a CANON LBP 800 printer on a PC on Windows 7 32Bits, I tried to look for drivers but I could not find, even for an HP Laserjet 2820 printer on windows 7 32Bits.
    Thank you

  • lapouges

    yeah his walking super on the other hand is what we can plug the trick to banish full of usb key as its one can plug a printer is 5 external hard drive of 500 GB


    BJR, 2 pc cabled RJ45 on livebox2, printer epson r300 on livebox in USB2. is it possible to print with a WiFi EEEPC on the livebox? thank you very much for your help. Franck

  • dottoben


    A great congratulations! thanks to the tutorial I did in 5 minutes what the official orange tutorial made me lose in one afternoon! So I think you can send them a CV and a cover letter... they must be a requester of competent people in computer science! My congratulations

    PS: I commented on the orange site and obviously indicated the link on this page for them to take some computer classes.

    A very happy man that tutorials like this exist.

  • LaurentP

    Thank you for this help! I changed printer connected to my livebox. But the settings recommended by orange worked with the HP 1510, but not the HP 2050A!

  • bernard.rougier

    good morning
    I installed a dell printer 1100 on the usb entrance of Livebox 2
    I connected to the livebox in 2 pc wifi on windows xp which print without difficulty.
    I recently added a PC on Windows 7
    Internet access, shared hard drive, and exchanges between PCs work very well.
    I installed the printer on this PC like the others apparently without problems: it appears as a network printer and when I want to print a document from this pc under windows7: it is accepted, Le doc appears as “printing in progress” except that nothing happens and after a while the message becomes “print error” without further explanation...?
    PS: precision: if I connect the printer directly in usb wire to the reccalciting pc w7 it prints without pb

  • Didier

    Hello Aurélien Denis
    I have a network of 4 PCs under win 7, I shared the printer, there is 3, which accesses the (Print Server), the other stops at the level of ‘verification of Windows Update. this operation can take several minutes’.
    Thank you for everything.

  • Gipici

    Thank you very much for this clear and effective tutorial
    I struggled for hours without success with the explanations of the orange site
    Thanks to you it was solved in 5 minutes without blowing
    Thank you again

  • Hey, hey!
    Thank you very much for this tutorial, I managed to share my printer from a computer (I prefer that way).
    Hic now, it’s a multifunction and the scan doesn't work.
    Any idea? A setting to make?
    Thank you very much!

  • Nauwynck

    I tried the method for a ninebox with a Canon MF3200 printer that is impossible to make it work in addition it no longer works by plugging it into the direct computer!

  • Renaux

    Good morning,
    we were unable to install our printer on two of our three stations. I succeeded thanks to your indications (it was connected via the livebox). It may be added for really novices like me, that after doing the printer search as shown above, you have to go back to the drivers and extract them again. And then the miracle happens!
    Thank you very much.

  • Kerlos

    Good morning

    I would like to create a private network at home with 4 computers, but without a server, with a live box internet connection and sharing files and impressions,

    I need help because I have a preference for a wireless network