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I understand you!

A week ago, the team needed you (and always need you) to answer a small survey. Today, we understand you: here are the results!

We would like to thank the 118 readers who responded to the call of 29 July 2010.

Results of the survey

Your favorite category is... Windows 7 ! Followed from afar by Linux, Firefox and MacOS X. Vista logically loses importance, when to Office 2007/2010 and Multimedia they are equal (3 % each).

Votre catégorie préférée et celle que vous aimez le moins
Your favorite category and the one you like the least

For the results of the second question, as many of you have pointed out, the lack of a checkbox None sort of misleads the results. MacOS X comes at the top of the ranking, normal since 91 % of our visitors are on Windows. Office 2007/2010 is second on the list with 26 % of the votes (Protuts readers never work?).

Votre type de contenu préféré sur Protuts
Your favorite type of content on Protuts

In this question, several answers were possible. Very clearly, the classic articles, that is to say, text+image, arrive largely in front with 99 votes. In second place, we find the video tutorials with 55 voices. We will therefore continue to publish this type of content with the same frequency as at present by increasing the number of video tutorials while offering a written transcription (more convenient to find information and for users who cannot benefit from a good Internet connection).

Concerning the last question, which as a reminder concerned the features you would like to see on Protuts, here are the results in the form of a list and in order of preference (following as that would say a technical problem of Google Docs, no precise figures to give you unfortunately):

  1. IPhone/Android App
  2. A joke
  3. An article on the backstage of Protuts
  4. A survey
  5. The latest comments
  6. A page of our tweets
  7. Top commentators
  8. Member space
  9. Number of subscribers Feedburner
  10. Digglike Protuts

Future Changes

The iPhone/Android app

For the moment, we only offer a mobile version of our site. But it is true that a mobile app would be more convenient and would allow us to offer additional features. Inconvenience you have to pay an iPhone developer license (and I assume that at Android it’s the same thing). So, if a generous Protuts reader wants to participate in the creation of an iPhone/Android app, we invite him to manifest himself through the comments or page Contact. If the final work is of quality, we will make him a maximum of advertising on our site (article+pub insert) and it will get our eternal recognition (not bad no)!

A joke

Would our readers be out of laughter? Then we'll give them some! For the moment nothing very precise has been decided (shape, location, frequency...) but it is planned soon.

An article on the backstage of Protuts

As soon as we talk People everyone comes, ready to listen! Don't worry, your thirst for curiosity will be filled very soon. I promise! You will know everything (and exclusively)!

Other Features

The survey, the latest comments, a page of our tweets, the top commentators and the number of Feedburner subscribers will soon appear on the site. Stayed connected!

And now here are some personal messages...

The Rainmeter tutorial is in progress, I repeat, Rainmeter is being tested.

No idea is a valid idea!

A few words about...

A few days ago, changed and the editorial line expanded. Now, the site offers resources for webdesigners in addition to the inspiration gallery, namely WordPress themes (free and paid), icon packs, eBooks and more to come...

Capture d'écran - Page d'accueil de, ressources pour webdesigners
Screenshot — homepage, resources for webdesigners


WordPress Channel

The WordPress Channel project will soon celebrate its 1st anniversary! For the occasion, I haven't planned anything yet... but 2 good news about this exciting project:

  • The total disappearance of Google Adsense ads;
  • Creating a pro space in partnership with my company Neticpro ;
Capture d'écran - Page d'accueil de, la chaîne francophone des podcasts WordPress
Screenshot — Home Page of, the French-language WordPress podcast channel


Thank you for your loyalty that doesn't even bow during this summer period (except on Saturday, here, there are some who goes on vacation? What about the crisis? No but!), for your comments, backlinks and retweets.


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