Capture d'écran - Connexion à l'admin du routeur Netgear Numericable

Just 2 days ago, my Netgear router provided by Numericable (baseline 30 MB, fiber optic at EUR 25/month) started to display an orange light indicating the loss of Internet connection. To solve this problem yourself without calling the hotline or waiting for a technician, here are some simple and quick solutions.

Capture d'écran - Player vidéo Bink pour Windows 7

Many videos and music in games like Crysis 2 or Modern Warfare 3 are in BIK format, unreadable via VLC or any other video player unless you run the game and the level in question: not very practical. That’s why the company behind this format offers free download the right drive available on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

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Create a live USB from Ubuntu 11.10 with LinuxLive USB Creator

Capture d'écran - Installation de Linux Live USB Creator, étape n°1

Installing an operating system from a USB stick is an increasingly common method, possible with Windows 7, MacOS X and Linux. We're talking about Live USB, which allows you to install and test the system in the same way as a live CD. This tutorial will teach you how to create your live USB for Linux Ubuntu 11.10 from Windows.

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Configure Time Machine Network Backup to Ubuntu Linux Server

Update for MacOS X Lion : it is necessary to download the latest version of the Netatalk service that supports the AFP protocol from the following link. Without this, Time Machine will no longer work on MacOS X Lion.

Following the acquisition of a server at, here is a tutorial to learn how to use Time Machine to perform your backups to a local server not using MacOS X. Thanks to Linux Ubuntu, this tower is easily achievable!

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Ubuntu One, a free online storage space

The release of Ubuntu 9.10 aka Karmic Koala rings the appearance of a free online storage service limited to 2 GB. Based on cloud computing technologies, you will have a folder accessible from the Web via an Internet browser allowing you to store personal data. Let’s see how to use it under Ubuntu 9.10 for which the integration is native, unlike 9.04.

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3 methods to test Linux Ubuntu

The advantage of a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu is that it offers the end user multiple ways to test the system without endangering the system — usually Windows. 3 methods have been identified to get an idea for themselves, classified from the simplest to the most complex.

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Adopt GNOME-Colors to sublimate Ubuntu 9.04 interface

It is customary to say that Linux does not have a graphic theme that is unique to it. Indeed, it is recurrent to see the number of themes derived from MacOS X Leopard or Windows Vista. However, the GNOME-Colors project is trying to remedy this by offering a complete package (themes, icons, gdm) for your desktop, in multiple colours. An up-to-date reference!

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Make updates under Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu has an ingenious system update module. Its particularity lies in the principle that all updates are made by this manager. This centralising side is much more convenient than having to search for new versions of software or patches for each one that has their own services.