Annoyed with the new version of Windows Live Messenger and its forced update system? So, don't hesitate to test a free and free alternative called Pidgin. Compatible with Windows and Linux, this app will seduce you with its lightness and its principle of plugins or extensions that will allow you to set your instant messaging client to your every desire. Finally, note that Pidgin is multiprotocol and therefore supports Messenger.

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Enable 3D effects (Compiz) in Ubuntu 8.10

Now that your graphics card is correctly recognised, why not take advantage of the latest graphics effects made available to us under Linux Ubuntu? Some options are most useless, but others bring real gains in ergonomics. 3D cube, window transparency, etc. all of these effects are based on Compiz, a default built-in application in Ubuntu. It remains to be seen how to access the various configuration settings — not available by default.

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Save/restore a disk image (ghost) with Clonezilla

Backing up your entire hard drive is not a small deal. In English, we talk about making a ghost in other words of creating a disk image of your partitions — system in particular. Once created, this backup will allow us to restore the system in the event of a crash allowing us to return to a stable state without going through a complete reformatting of the PC. This is a very useful solution that we will implement with Clonezilla, a free downloadable Linux Live CD.

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Check the use of your disks with the Disk Scanner in Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu is natively equipped with an excellent tool called Disk Usage Analyser, which, as its name suggests, allows to identify in seconds which files or folders monopolising the available disk space. Featuring a dual graphical and textual display, it offers various very practical quick analysis modules (personal folder, file system, etc.) allowing the direct deletion of large elements.