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Read BIK files on Windows 7/Vista, MacOS X Lion and Linux

Capture d'écran - Player vidéo Bink pour Windows 7

Many videos and music in games like Crysis 2 or Modern Warfare 3 are in BIK format, unreadable via VLC or any other video player unless you run the game and the level in question: not very practical. That’s why the company behind this format offers free download the right drive available on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Start by downloading the free player RAD Video Tools/Bink Player Video via the link below then install it:

Bink Players for Windows and MacOS X (976.6) KiB, 3.512 downloads)

Note that on MacOS X, you cannot close the video player once playback is launched (except via the key combination CMD+ALT+ECHAP or CMD+Q).

All you have to do is run RAD Video Tools, from searching for your file BIK then click on Play.

Capture d'écran - Player vidéo Bink pour Windows 7
Screenshot — Bink Video Player for Windows 7
Capture d'écran - Lecture d'une vidéo d'Assasin's Creed Brotherhood avec Bink Player
Screenshot — Play a video of Assasin & #39;s Creed Brotherhood with Bink Player

Note that the Windows version allows you to convert a BIK file to another format like AVI via the button Convert to file.

 A very convenient player for all video game enthusiasts wishing to review their favorite videos and music without having to launch the game.

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  • Valentin@LDD

    I didn‘t know we could do this, thank you so much I’m using it right now!
    It’s been a long time since I've been looking for a trick to be able to read the music of my games without playing it.