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Smooth fonts on Windows 7 as in Mac OS with MacType

Capture d'écran - MacType, assistant de configuration

Mac OS users know this: fonts have much better visual rendering than on Windows, despite ClearType functionality. Fortunately, MacType exists to change the default rendering and adjust the sharpness of fonts according to your screen... and your view!

MacType is based on GDI++, a long-standing Japanese project. It will allow you to benefit from the visual quality of Windows fonts like Mac OS X. the software is available in English.

Several rendering profiles are available natively and you are even allowed to create yours.

Once installed, a wizard appears to configure the first use — this wizard is easily accessible afterwards.

The first step requires you to choose the loading mode for the application. The easiest thing is to check MacTray and then MacTray (independent), then an icon will appear in the Windows notification area that provides easy and fast management.

Continue by clicking on Next. Now we need to select a profile. Notice the presence of icon in the bottom right corner of each square.

Make Finish. An icon dedicated to MacType appeared at the bottom right of your screen. Right-clicking on it allows you to access the different profiles and settings.

I recommend opening a window of the Windows Explorer and alternating the profiles to see the result immediately. To test with a web page, open a browser with a page containing mostly text and update it after each change.

To download this software for free, click on the following link:

MacType (3.4) MiB, 2,126 downloads)

This utility will allow you to significantly improve the rendering of your fonts provided you take the time to configure it according to your screen. Different more subtle settings not discussed here are available under MacType for advanced users.



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