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Disable Explorer libraries on Windows 7

Windows 7 libraries allow you to dynamically group multiple folders scattered on your hard drive. If you want to hide them from the explorer for any reason, follow this tutorial without further delay.

We will have to intervene in the register to carry out this tutorial. Beginner users (but also confirmed), make a backup as a precaution!

Open the start Menu and enter regedit then do Entry.

Search the following key using the tree:


Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre Windows
Screenshot of screen — Windows Registry Editor

Then right-click on the key ShellFolder and opt for Authorisations.

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre des Autorisations pour ShellFolder
Screenshot — Authorisation Window for ShellFolder

Then click on the button Advanced then on the tab Owner.

Capture d'écran - Paramètres de sécurité avancés pour ShellFolder
Screenshot — Advanced Security Settings for ShellFolder

Select the owner from the list by clicking on it (in principle your current session username, here, Rainbow) and check the box Replace the owner of sub-containers and objects. Click on OK.

Back in the window Permissions for ShellFolder, click on the button Add. Enter in the text box the name of your computer as well as the username of the current session, such as:

Capture d'écran - Sélectionner des utilisateurs ou des groupes
Screenshot — Select Users or Groups

Then click on OK.

If you get an error message it’s that you were wrong in entering the name of the computer and user. In this case, click on the button Advanced then on the button Find. A list of user accounts appears a little lower. Select the one that refers to your current session username and click on OK.

If it all goes well, a new user appears in the list of the window Authorisations :

Capture d'écran - Autorisations pour ShellFolder
Screenshot — Authorisations for ShellFolder

In the part Authorisations for Rainbow, check the boxes Total control and Reading then click on OK. We're back in the register. All this prior manipulation will allow us to modify the key to the registry Attributes located in the right flap. Open the latter via a double-click and enter the following value:


Capture d'écran - Modification de la valeur DWORD Attributes
Screenshot of screen — Change of value DWORD Attributes

Then do OK to validate changes, close the registry and restart your Windows session.

Capture d'écran - Arborescence de l'explorateur Windows sans les Bibliothèques
Screenshot of screen — Arborescence of the Windows Explorer without Libraries

Libraries are now hidden from the explorer’s tree. But they are still active (e.g. by clicking on the Images menu of the Start menu). Finally, when you launch the Windows Explorer, it probably opens the library folder. Be aware that it is possible to change them in seconds via this tutorial (example, your user folder).


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  • Voronwe13

    The ideal would be to be able to do the same, for those who wish, with:
    — Favorites
    — Residential group
    — possibly user accounts
    in order to have an explorer all the way to the start!
    Thank you for libraries that was the main thing that bothered me.

  • Voronwe13

    Oops I‘m saying nonsense I didn’t mess up enough!
    You can also hide the favorites with a second tutorial on the same site!
    I'm still searching for the other two points...

  • Dacodac

    Thank you very much for all these tricks and their clear and precise tutorials.
    More library, a default folder with my path, no more residential group.....
    ...That it is a beautiful day that this 19th July.
    Excellent site

  • Leafy

    I don't understand anything in libraries.
    In my Marcel folder I have the doc folders, images, videos, etc. and in libraries these folders are duplicated.
    To free up space, I want to remove them and I realise that I also delete the originals.
    Could this tuto suit me to have everything in my unique personal file?
    Thank you.

    • Sylvie

      good morning,
      I followed to the letter your tutorial which dates now from the 9 AUGUST 2010!
      I still use Windows 7 and try to hide libraries, but when I enter the following value: b090010d I have a message that tells me that there is an error in the value!

      Do you have a tip to fix this problem?

      Thank you in advance for your answer