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MDownloader or how to download to the string without worries

MDownloader is a Windows application that automates the download of accessible files from the most popular storage servers (MegaUpload, Rapidshare, etc.). To discover absolutely!


With MDownloader, simply copy/paste your web download links in the application window. From there, the download process is started and you have nothing to do!

Counts between each download are supported and MDownloader decodes like a big captchas, magic? Of course, if a captcha remains unresolved, a specially dedicated window allows you to enter the characters in this case.

MDownloader (2.8) MiB, 3,287 downloads)

Main Features

But this great software doesn‘t stop there, so we’ll note the following features:

  • Web page analyser to find functional and interchangeable links (by name and size);
  • Resumption of downloads for compatible hosts;
  • Detection of passwords and captchas (OCR);
  • Direct or proxy download (with authentication or not);
  • Accelerating downloads using interchangeable links or proxy servers;
  • Sending files to different hosts with one click;

This list of impressive features is far from exhaustive. It is up to you to discover the other possibilities of MDownloader which are at least very interesting!

Supported sharing sites

For information, here is a list of supported storage sites — the best known are:

  • (aggregate)

Practical demonstration

Go to a web page with multiple download links to supported hosts. In our example, we will copy/paste links to wallpaper packs.

Using the browser of your choice, have the icon copied and then used Add links... in MDownloader to start the process directly. A list is then displayed to indicate the pending, ongoing and completed downloads.

Capture d'écran - MDownloader, copie d'une liste de liens Rapidshare
Screenshot of screen — MDownloader, copy of a list of Rapidshare links

Do then Recognise all then Tail all to download the list.

Capture d'écran - MDownloader, aperçu de la fenêtre principale
Screenshot of screen — MDownloader, preview of the main window

Another icon titled Quick paste even offers the possibility to launch the download directly without going through this module.

Finally, it is possible to indicate a web page URL containing links for the application to detect available links.

Search on FilesTube

MDownloader includes a search window for FilesTube. So you can make queries — limited to 10,000 per day in anonymous mode, to find files in particular (file name, date, type).

A practical example with a query on the keyword “wallpapers”.

Capture d'écran - MDownloader, processus de recherche sur FilesTube
Screenshot of screen — MDownloader, search process on FilesTube

Although in English, MDownloader shouldn't cause any problems of understanding as its use remains intuitive. No doubt, the best application of this beginning of the year!


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