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Pause Windows 10 updates indefinitely

Capture d'écran - Edition de la valeur FlightSettingsMaxPauseDays, Windows 10

More than annoyed by the untimely updates of Windows 10? Especially since the latest update of October 2018 generated some big bugs like the pure and simple deletion of your documents! It’s just that. So follow our tutorial to interrupt automatic Windows 10 updates.

To do this open the start Menu, then enter regedit and do Entry.

Using the left panel, look for the following key:


Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre, Windows 10
Screenshot — Registry Editor, Windows 10

Then in the right panel, create a new DWORD value (32 bits) with the following name (or double click to edit it if it already exists):


In mode decimal places, enter the number of days (e.g. 500) and make Entry.

Capture d'écran - Edition de la valeur FlightSettingsMaxPauseDays, Windows 10
Screenshot — Edition value FlightSettingsMaxPauseDays, Windows 10

The changes are immediate.

Go to the Control Panel, Update and security, Windows Update, Advanced Options, and check the box Interrupt updates.

You will see that the number previously indicated in the Register appears in the description of this field (e.g.: Up to 500 days, cf capture).

Capture d'écran - Options avancées de Windows Update, Windows 10
Screenshot — Advanced Windows Update Options, Windows 10

Windows 10 should no longer update automatically! You will no longer be interrupted during a game session for example, or during a PowerPoint presentation in public. Think from time to time to do them manually as a safety measure.

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  • Joe

    good morning
    on my version of Windows10 by creating the key, changing the value to decimals automatically returns to hexadecimals and it doesn‘t work? Wouldn’t it be from the 64-bit version of the system