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Change the default blue color of the selection frame in Windows 7

Many Protuts readers asked us how to change the color of the blue rectangle during a selection. Answer in the article.

Screenshot of screen — default blue selection frame on Windows 7

To change this color, we will have to open the file of your visual theme currently in use. To do this, open the following folder:


then the.theme file with the Notepad before taking care to make a backup copy.

In our example, we will change the theme Aero2.theme (our copy) by adding this line of code at the end of the file:

[Control Panel\Colors]
HotTrackingColor=170 255 170

The series of 3 numbers corresponds to a color in RGB format (here, a light green). To easily find the right color, visit this site or use photo editing software such as Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator or Paint.

Capture d'écran - Edition du thème Aero2.theme
Screenshot — Aero2.theme Theme Edition

Save the file by doing CTRL+S and shut up the last one. Double-click on Aero2.theme to apply your new theme and test the result. You should get this:

Capture d'écran - Couleur du cadre de sélection modifiée
Screenshot of screen — Color of the modified selection frame

Note that it is not possible to change the contour color without using paid software to edit visual themes like Window Blinds.

A little extra step in customising Windows 7!



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  • Auriane

    to change the contour just go into “customise” then “colors” then “advanced” and choose selected items. This will change the selection of the text but also the contour of the frame

    • StreetCat

      Yes, it works very well for the contour and without a program.

      right click on desktop > customise > window color (bottom)
      then advanced appearance parameters; in the “Element” menu choose “selected items” and then choose the color.

      tested, Approved (Win7)

    • CEB

      You have to save the file in another folder by putting the.theme extension. And to open it: Open with -> Common DLL, keep the theme that has been automatically selected, and edit it as it pleases, then save it to your personal folder for example.


    Hello, sorry to post here, but regarding the color of the selection frame, I have a little problem: the Windows 7 style selection frame has disappeared! Now I have an all-old xp style selection frame, dotted! How to restore the default frame?
    Thank you!