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Edit the background image of the Zune Software

Tired of the default backgrounds in the Zune Software? How about personalising all this with your own image?


In this tutorial, we will have to edit a DLL file (Dynamic Link Library, in English, Dynamic Link Library) to add our custom background. To do this, we will need Resource Hacker software, which can be downloaded free of charge via this link:

Resource Hacker (32/64 bits) (488.3 KiB, 1,695 downloads)

We also assume that the Zune Software is installed on your PC:

Zune software (32 and 64 bits) (62.0) MiB, 4,386 téléchargements)

Customising the background

Once installed, open Resource Hacker and click on File then Open. Open the following file:


Capture d'écran - Ouverture d'un fichier avec Resource Hacker
Screenshot — Opening a file with Resource Hacker

In order to avoid any mishandling, take care to make a copy of this dll file.

In the left column, run the files successively RCDATA, FRAMEBACKGROUND00.PNG and 1033.

Capture d'écran - Arborescence des dossiers contenus dans la dll
Screenshot of screen — Tree of folders contained in the dll

In the right column, you get a preview of one of the default backgrounds proposed by the Zune Software.

The manipulation will consist of replacing the first of the 10 backgrounds by default. To do this, right-click on 1033 and opt for Replace resource.

Capture d'écran - Menu contextuel (Resource hacker)
Screenshot of screen — context menu (Resource hacker)

Click on the button Open file with new resource and select a sufficiently large background image (at least the current resolution of your screen) and click on Open.

Capture d'écran - Fonction Remplacement d'une ressource
Screenshot — Replacement function of a resource

As shown in the screenshot, fill in the 3 text fields:

  • Resource Type : RCDATA;
  • Resource Name : FRAMEBACKGROUND00.PNG;
  • Resource Language : 1033.
Capture d'écran - Indications à fournir pour remplacer l'arrière plan
Screenshot of screen — Indications to be provided to replace the background

To validate, click on Replace. If everything went well, your image appears in the right column. Click on File then on Save to save your DLL file.

Capture d'écran - Résultat de la modification (Resource hacker)
Screenshot of screen — Result of modification (Resource hacker)

Close Resource Hacker and open the Zune Software. At the top right of the window, click on Settings then on Display. Check the second box on the list, either Phyta (the first being Zero is a white background) and admire the result!

Capture d'écran - Votre arrière plan personnalisé dans le Zune Software
Screenshot — Your custom background in Zune Software

To restore the default backgrounds, close the Zune Software, delete the file ZuneShellResources.dll and replace it with your backup copy.

Congratulations: you have just taken a new step in customising your OS!



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  • Rémus

    Thank you Benjalin Denis for your answer and your speed.
    My resource hacker version is That’s the last one I found. I keep looking because the original funds are really fade. It'll be cool to be able to change. Please provide me with any useful information. I'm holding you to the juice.

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      Try to work on a copy of the dll, which will then overwrite the original file (think to make backups before otherwise you will have to reinstall the soft). It is also very important to respect the texts to be entered in the hacker resource.

  • Rémus

    Thanks for the info, but can't edit the dll file. No change with modification of hacker resource version. Another program could do the same chause? That it uses you? the text entered is the same as on the tuto. ...

  • Marcel

    Good morning,
    I certainly get too late, but I understand, eureka.
    First save the named.dll file, then open it with the indicated log, do as it is said in the tutorial, then then save under, where you want as long as you find it, giving it exactly the same name, the same extension. You close everything, then you take the file with the changed images, copy paste into the Zune program, and at the next opening, go to settings and view and choose the background you want. And it works.
    Thank you Mr Benjamin Denis

    • nyccow

      I didn't understand everything! (I am in the step “and register under” what do I have to do next?

      Copying paste into the zune program means what does it mean? The file with the personal wallpaper that I put on my desktop I have to copy and paste it to C:\Programs\Zune\Zune.exe?

        • marcelbille

          Good morning
          When you have changed your file, make “save as” and not “save” which is refused, same name, same extension. Then you take this modified file and put it in Programs Files/Zune, that’s all, there’s no need to open the entire tree, it overwrites the existing file (which you saved, of course). Then when Zune starts, you go to Settings and then go to View, and you choose your background image. I like this Zune, a good alternative to itunes, less functionality, certainly, but nice and fast. Marcelbille