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Change text size on Windows Seven

As the resolutions of our screens are growing, it sometimes becomes difficult to read properly what is written. Thanks to this trick, you will enlarge the size of the text without losing image quality in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Simple mode

Start by opening the start menu, enter Control Panel and do Entry.

In display mode Great icons, click on the link Display.

You can then choose between 3 different sizes:

  • Small — 100 % (default)
  • Average — 125 %
  • Large — 150 %
Capture décran - Faciliter la lecture sous Windows Seven (Affichage, Panneau de configuration)
Screenshot — Easy playback on Windows Seven (Display, Control Panel)

Check the desired size and click on Apply.

Capture décran - Déconnectez-vous pour valider les changements
Screenshot of screen — Log out to validate changes

Restart your session and admire the result.

Advanced mode

Also be aware that you have the option to set a custom text size. To do this, always in the window Display of Control Panel, click on the link Set custom text size (PPP).

Then enter a value from the drop down list, or, hold the left-click down on the ruler, and drag left or right, to reduce/large the size.

Capture décran - Fenêtre Paramètre PPP personnalisé
Screenshot — Window Custom PPP Parameter

A very useful option when you have a 17′ laptop with a 1920×1200 Full HD resolution for example.


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  • gojcg

    Hello,I'm not sure that the solution indicated is always sufficient. Let’s go to the page, for example.'ai summer annoyed, yes, the word is not too strong, to find that on Firefox the characters were barely readable (while on the Internet explore 8 it’s good as shown this screen view where you have, on the right the text of Internet explore, and on the left those of Firefox and below Chrome) The solution is given here on the website the PCeasy Good Sunday

  • Neo

    Unless I am mistaken, it does not seem possible to enlarge only the text size on Windows 7 without enlarging the icons and the rest at the same time. Under XP it was possible to do so. If anyone knows how to increase the size of the text under W7 without changing anything else, thank you in advance for telling me how.

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      If you can do it by going to Control Panel, then View. On the right side, click on Set Custom Text Size. Choose for example for 125 % by checking Set the scale as in Windows XP and then do OK.