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Automatically mount your NTFS partitions under Ubuntu 9.04

If you use Ubuntu as a dual-boot with Windows Vista, you will notice that NTFS partitions are not directly accessible when you log on, but you need to open them first and enter the password to mount them. However, there is a simple method to automate this process without going through the command line!

Under Gnome, open the menu System then Administration. Here, click on the module Synaptic Package Manager then enter your password.

Capture décran - Lancement du module Synaptic
Screenshot — Synaptic Module Launch

Search then pysdm in the search field.

Capture décran - Synaptic, recherche du paquet pysdm
Screenshot of screen — Synaptic, pysdm package search

Right click Select for installation. Wait a few moments and then go back to the menu System, Administration and now click on the module Storage Device Manager.

Capture d'écran - Lancement de Storage Device Manager
Screenshot — Launch of Storage Device Manager

Unroll the different partitions and then validate the warning message when you click on one of them. Do this for partitions to be mounted automatically at the start of the session.

Capture décran - Module de gestion des partitions
Screenshot of screen — Partition Management Module

Note that the message will not appear for the system partition containing Ubuntu.

To confirm the operation, click on the button Apply then on Close.

At the next startup, your partitions will be instantly accessible and without any password input! A good way to enrich your Linux user experience. Too bad it is still not possible to read ext4 partitions on Windows...


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  • jcmars

    Which means we'll see the partition appear on the Ubuntu desktop directly at startup?
    I was just trying to do this manip to access two shortcuts on the Ubuntu desktop from an NTFS partition?
    It'll make me move forward, I think.

  • jcmars

    Well I don't have a bowl, the score I'd like to mount doesn't appear in storage device manager, yet I see it in “shortcuts”

  • Jean-pierre

    Good evening

    I've learned something again!
    But I have a problem:
    My disc is mounted well, I can't open it.
    An idea

    Jean-pierre 59

  • jcmars

    I've redone a partition table and everything works now finally, except on the DD1 where windows are located (as before) but I put partitions that I don't need under Ubuntu.

  • @jean—stone: I'm sorry, but the only advice I can give you is to speak to the French-language forum in Ubuntu.

    @jcmars: good news in this case and see you soon!

  • jcmars

    Thanks for this info, it prevented me from overtling fstab in the hand and understanding the souk there was on my hard drives.

    For the visiblz hard drive but which refuses to mount, a right problem (only root blablabla), I got it in FAT32. Google will give you an answer.

  • Julien

    Thank you very much, I've been looking for this trick for some time. I try now, it should allow me to launch picasa with photos left on the vista partition;
    Thank you!

  • @Julien : for information, Ubuntu perfectly recognises the NTFS partitions used by Windows. So you should be able to access it once the partition is mounted in Picasa and without going through the software described in the article.

  • ptc47

    I tried with a complete version of ubuntu 9.10 and XP with multiple partitions and it works!
    Well, that’s really good.
    it doesn't sound like seeing, but “pysdm it’s flowing out of source”!
    thank you

  • ptc47

    All right, well,

    I correct my first enthusiasm a little because above 10 partitions (/dev/sda10....) it does not work (I am in dual boot lucid xp) partitions are not taken into account?

  • D.Renard

    I use Ubuntu 10.10 and the technique works perfectly for a second internal 1.5 hard drive organised in 2 NTFS partitions. The hard drive now mounts on startup automatically.
    Thank you

  • pysdm gives good results with Ubuntu 10.04 (and detects even the 3 linux partitions)
    but sees only linux partitions without seeing Windows partitions with Ubuntu 11.04:
    what can be the reason (bad grub?)