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Mozilla Weave, sync your Firefox profiles online

Mozilla Weave is a new Firefox extension released from the firm’s laboratory, whose goal is to synchronise your profile between the different instances of the browser. At work, at home or on the move on your laptop, Weave has been specially designed to solve this problem.


Weave is an add-on for Firefox available in experimental version:

Mozilla Weave (376.0) KiB, 969 downloads)

In the end, the official website indicates that such a tool will support synchronisation of extensions, search engines and more:

Future releases of Weave Sync will add support for synchronising your browser add-ons, search plugins and other customisations and ultimately everything that makes your Firefox and Web experience personal.

The aim is to provide full user mobility.

Deploy Mozilla Weave

Sync your main profile online

To take advantage of this new feature — already present on competing browsers like Opera, download the extension and restart the browser.

Now notice the appearance of a Weave module in the menu Tools and in the status bar, useful to tell you the state of synchronisation.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, icône dans la barre de détails
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, icon in the details bar

To enable synchronisation of your profile, Weave already invites you to create a user account. Note that it is not only possible — and this is the default option, to host your data on Mozilla servers but also on your own FTP server — convenient for privacy issues.

For this tutorial, we will choose the standard option by trusting Mozilla by selecting Mozilla Weave Server in the drop-down list then by clicking on the button Create Mozilla Weave Account.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, création d'un compte
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, creating an account

The following screen invites you to fill in the fields:

  • User Name : enter an identifier;
  • Password : indicate a solid password of at least 8 characters;
  • Confirm Password : confirm the previous password;
  • Email Address : enter an e-mail address;
  • I agree to the Terms of Service : check to accept the terms of use of the service;

N.B. : as you can see in the screenshot below, Weave tells me that the NoScript extension must accept the scripts temporarily for the proper operation of the installation.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, saisie des informations utilisateur
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, user information input

To validate the creation of the account, do Continue. As a safety measure, a captcha must be filled in.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, captcha de sécurité
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, security captcha

That done, click again on Continue.

The fourth step requires the creation of an encryption key necessary to protect your data. To create it, simply enter a secret phrase and confirm it in a second field. Don‘t lose it, it’ll be useful to you later!

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, création de la clé de cryptage
Screenshot of screen — Mozilla Weave, creating encryption key

Once entered, do again Continue.

The fifth and final step allows you to set the components of the profile to save: history, bookmarks, passwords, preferences and tabs. By default, Firefox will sync the set but you can choose Use my custom settings to configure according to your wishes Weave.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, choix des informations à synchroniser
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, choice of information to synchronise

When you're ready, click on Start Syncing then wait. The Weave icon in the details bar tells you the status of the activity. By right-clicking it, you will have access to the log file to verify the success of the operation.

Now that your profile is synchronised online, your data is protected for possible restoration, for example. However, the benefit of this extension lies in being able to share its profile on so many computers and/or mobile devices capable of using Mozilla Firefox.

Recover your Weave profile on a laptop PC

This practical case will allow us to recover our initially saved profile to sync it to a second computer; in our case, a laptop.

So run the browser and install the Weave extension on the computer or device concerned:

Mozilla Weave (376.0) KiB, 969 downloads)

Then use your credentials to connect to the server and then do Sign In.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, connexion au profil
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, login to profile

Once connected, Weave asks you to enter your encryption key. So you'd better rate it and keep it in a safe place...

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, saisissez votre clé de cryptage
Screenshot of screen — Mozilla Weave, enter your encryption key

To switch to the next screen, do Continuous.

3 possibilities of synchronisation are then offered:

  1. Combine the data of this computer with your Weave account (Merge this computer’s data with your Weave data) : this option is recommended for all users because it allows you to add additional data to your different devices on each of them. However, to avoid duplication caused by an initial synchronisation, I suggest option 2;
  2. Replace the data of this computer with your Weave account (Replace all data on this computer with your Weave data) : your local data will be deleted and the data in your Weave account — from your first machine, will be added. This is the option I have chosen in the following capture but I invite you to return to choice number 1 afterwards so that your multiple data will be present on the 2 customer stations;
  3. Replace data from your Weave account with those on this computer (Replace all other devices with your local data) : this is neither more nor less the reverse option of the previous one;

So click on one of them then do Continuous.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, choix de la méthode de synchronisation
Screenshot of screen — Mozilla Weave, choice of synchronisation method

As indicated above, here is the confirmation screen for option 2. To validate, click on Delete and Replace Local Data.

Capture d'écran - Mozilla Weave, confirmation de l'effacement des données locales
Screenshot — Mozilla Weave, confirmation of local data erasure

Wait for a few moments to complete the synchronisation. Here again, right click on the Weave icon located at the bottom right of the window and then click on Activity Log to consult the event log.

Congratulations, you now have a common profile for all Firefox installations on your different computers and/or devices. One more step forward in technology cloud computing or “computers in the clouds”. Your data is relocated to the Internet and is accessible anywhere, anytime... but only by you!


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      Moreover, new data such as extensions will soon be supported in synchronisation: it would be very useful!

      For the multi-navigator side, each brand tries to retain to the maximum and I don't think Mozilla is open to that.

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    It’s too bad.
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    I'm left Foxmark, which triggers at every end of the field, and which I disable for 10-15, between two synchro...