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Clean menu Open with Windows 7/Vista

The Open with menu, accessible via right-clicking on a text file for example, can quickly become the mess especially if you install many programs on your PC. Learn how to clean it without further delay!

Here is an example of the Open with menu for a text file:

Capture d'écran - Menu contextuel Ouvrir avec sous Windows 7
Screenshot — Open with Windows 7 pop-up menu

This example shows that 4 apps have nothing to do with Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Firefox and Visual Studio 2010. Here, only the Notepad and WordPad should be present.

To remedy this, open the start Menu, enter regedit and do Entry.

Before any changes to the Register, make a backup !

Using the left tree, search for the following key:


Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre Windows 7
Screenshot of screen — Windows 7 registry editor

All file extensions in your system appear under the FileExts key. In our example, we will change the.txt key, which corresponds to the text files. For this, under the key FileExts, click on .txt then on OpenWithList.

Capture d'écran - Clé OpenWithList du Registre
Screenshot — OpenWithList Registry Key

In the right column, two applications are present: Firefox and the Notepads (notepad.exe). So let’s delete the Firefox key using right-click and then Remove and finally OK.

For the moment, only Firefox has been deleted from the menu Ouvrir avec. To delete Dreamweaver and Illustrator, look for the following key:


Capture d'écran - Editeur de Registre, clé HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.txt
Screenshot — Registry Editor, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.txt key

Unfold the key OpenWithList to see the two keys relating to Dreamweaver and Illustrator. Remove them from this step by right-clicking.

We still have one final programme to eradicate from the list: Visual Studio 2010. He’s not far away. Always under the key .txt, click on OpenWithProgids. In the right column, delete the key VPDExpress.txt.10.0.

Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre, clé VPDExpress.txt.10.0
Screenshot — Registry Editor, VPDExpress.txt.10.0 key

Close the Register. To check that everything has worked well, let’s right-click our text file again and then go to the menu Ouvrir avec :

Capture d'écran - Menu Ouvrir avec de Windows 7 nettoyé
Screenshot — Menu Open with Windows 7 cleaned

Mission accomplished! Notepad and WordPad are the only remaining applications.

Repeat the operation for other file extensions (yes it’s quite tedious ) by browsing these different keys to the Register each time.

Currently, there are no other ways to clean this Open with menu properly. It’s a shame that as Windows versions go, nothing gets better on this side...



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  • Patrick

    everyone knows the option "open with", but I asked myself a question "is it possible to open for example an internet page with firefox and another with ie?
    example: I have a shortcut to google I click it that opens I have a shortcut to orange it’s firefox that opens

  • Patrick

    it seemed to me, however, that under linux when I type I more accurately remember the synthesis but something like that http;//|firefox opened the page in firefox and | opera orange opens in opera but good these are memories

  • Aurélien

    Once in the registry editor I am lost because in opening with I have without making expres adobe stiff selectne as well as internet explorer and other programs, how can I find them and delete them to normally open my documents please?

  • cowboy

    SLT all the world please jai a question for my windows7 to each I download a new theme ya all day this window that tells me open with I want to mendebarasser I want to know how to open an automatic theme with what format and the windows7 theme thank you in advance for your help greeting

  • memes

    Good morning! I, when I want to open a file with winrar I have asked by guard to open it with the note block and malgre that I request to open by default with winrar some folders open with the note block I would like to delete the note block that is located when I want to open files with winrar! Hard explanation I hope you will understand
    Thank you in advance