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NPointer: control your Kinect-style computer

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre de configuration de NPointer

Dream of using your computer like you do with your Xbox + Kinect? So, don't wait to try NPointer, a free software that allows you to hand control your PC via a webcam.

Installation of NPointer

Once the file has been downloaded, extract files from the ZIP archive in a folder of your choice. The application is called “portable”, i.e. it does not require installation. To launch it, simply double-click the file NPointer.exe.

NPointer Configuration

Start by selecting the camera from the drop-down list (here: Integrated Webcam — Integrated Webcam).

Note that it is recommended to direct the webcam to the table in the direction of your hand. Indeed, if the latter is directed to you, 2 troubles will quickly appear: the movement of your head will cause the mouse pointer to move, finally, raise the arm for several minutes is very tiring.

In the right side, you can adjust the capture tool:

  • Motion speed : speed of movement of the pointer relative to the movement of your hand;
  • Acceleration : acceleration (as for a conventional mouse);
  • Timeout menu : the time needed to wait to make a click with your hand
  • Movement cut-off : speed of movement of the pointer.
Capture d'écran - Fenêtre de configuration de NPointer
Screenshot — NPointer Configuration Window

Basic movements

To perform an action like a mouse click, immobilise your hand, to show up a context menu (see screenshot) and opt for the option of your choice by moving over it (violet cross):

  • L : left-click;
  • R : right click;
  • 2x : double click;
  • Scroll : knob;
  • Off : disables motion capture;
  • LD : click maintained.
Capture d'écran - Menu contextuel de NPointer
Screenshot — NPointer context menu

To try for free NPointer, click on this link below.

NPointer (1.7) MiB, 2,647 downloads)

A completely experimental and fun application but not (yet?) practical and suitable for normal use. To be tested!


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  • I am 200 % for the Leap Motion project, but I think it’s a shame that we leave aside the famous kinect that connects directly to USB (happily no drivers) and which Microsoft has prepared for us a nice little SDK for the budding developers.
    Note that kinect 2 will soon be out and will be even more precise!
    Thank you anyway for this article on NPointer, for those who are not equipped like me, it will allow me to test a bit of this, because I have at least a webcam.. I would like to know if there would finally be an interest in owning an HD webcam (720p or 1080p)

  • Neurotechnology

    Thank you for the NPointer review.
    In addition, we released NPointer 2.0, which recognises pre-recorded voice commands for actions like clicks, scroll and drag.

    Thanks for the NPointer review.
    By the way, we have released NPointer 2.0, which recognises pre-recorded voice commands for actions like clicks, scroll and drag.

  • Doudou

    Tried but not adopted. This comes from windows 8 or my cam? anyway, the webcam lights up well but no image appears, so it’s impossible for me to ester you.