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Numericable: more internet connection (orange vision), what to do?

Capture d'écran - Connexion à l'admin du routeur Netgear Numericable

Just 2 days ago, my Netgear router provided by Numericable (baseline 30 MB, fiber optic at EUR 25/month) started to display an orange light indicating the loss of Internet connection. To solve this problem yourself without calling the hotline or waiting for a technician, here are some simple and quick solutions.

Before we start, we assume that a PC/Mac is connected either by cable or by Wi-Fi to the Netgear router.

Solution 1 — Reboot

The first reflex is simply to disconnect your router electrically. Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting it and see if the problem is solved. If not, go to step 2.

Solution 2 — Reset

Connect to the router administration interface by entering the following URL in a browser: And enter your username and password, either by default: admin / password. Make OK to validate.

The administration url, username and password are noted on the back of the router.

Capture d'écran - Connexion à l'admin du routeur Netgear Numericable
Screenshot — Connection to the admin of the Netgear Numericable router

Using the menu on the left, click on the link Modem Reset. In the central part, check the box Yes for Restore original settings and do Apply.

Please note: you will lose all the custom configuration in place like port blockages, MAC addresses...

Capture d'écran - Réinitialisation du modem Netgear Numericable
Screenshot — Netgear Numericable modem reset

If the problem persists, proceed to step 3.

Solution 3 — Hard reset

Take a sharp object like a pencil or a knife tip. On the section of your router at the bottom of the different ports/outlets/outputs, you should see a small hole. The router is restarting. If the connection is still not established, proceed to the final step.

Solution 4 — MTA status and start-up frequency

In the administration interface, click on MTA status.

At the bottom of the central column, enter 110 000 000 Open Firefox 3.5; Start-up frequency of the part Analyse.

Capture d'écran - Statut MTA, routeur Netgear Numericable
Screenshot — MTA status, Netgear Numericable router

Validate by doing Click here to validate the parameter and restart the device.

If all these solutions have not helped you, contact Numericable Technical Support.

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  • Damien

    Thank you for saving my life tonight!

    Came home after a long day of taff + appointment with the dentist (so already it was not very well) and there once tipped in my canap in front of my 140′ TV screen plugged into my PC, I can no longer connect to the internet... seeing rising lane flashing orange on box...

    So right away I thought of cutting my veins or at least maybe just a finger to hurt me well, because yes in my desespoir I felt the desires to make me suffer even more, I only had to do...

    finally I did like everyone, I disconnected from all over my netgear box from Numéricable (which works pretty well in normal times, for years, except for a few temporary internet cuts) but after that still nothing... (and even by shaking it and hitting it a little...)

    then I cried, and prayed to God (even invoked Satan in passing I believe)
    At that time I think I could have killed a numericable salesman for pleasure with a big smile of sadistic psychopath

    But in the end, I realised that I had my note3 at hand to navigate in 4G and inquire about this problem...

    I came across this page and after completing the 4 steps (yes it was necessary to go so far anyway...) Miracle! It finally kindly wanted to walk again! (Thus, my soul, which I sold to Satan, did not serve anything)

    So thank you really again because after this day of m**** and having managed to solve this problem by myself as a big one without having to call on the SAV or bring in a technician make me feel like a Mac Gyver from the internet