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Get Matrix effect in Ubuntu terminal

The Matrix trilogy has fascinated many people both philosophically and cinematically. Remember the famous green lines of code scrolling over the computer screens, they make dream, don't they? Well, know that it is possible to get the same result with the Ubuntu Terminal.

Although it starts to date a bit, this program is still as nice to run. To install it, open a Terminal via the Applications menu and then Accessories.

Then run the following command:

sudo apt-get install cMatrix

Now enter your password to validate the installation process and wait for a few moments. Do this, run the following command:


For more information, visit the author’s website that will tell you the command shortcuts allowed to change the final aspect: CMatrix by Chris Allegretta.

Capture décran - Terminal, the Matrix has you !
Screenshot — Terminal, the Matrix has you!

Admire the result, The Matrix is back!


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