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Forget/delete a WiFi network on Windows 8.1

Capture d'écran - Liste des profils réseaus WiFi sous Windows 8.1

On Windows 8, it was possible to forget a WiFi network easily via a simple right-click from the Network side panel. But since the update in 8.1, the task is more difficult. Indeed, the only way to make forgetting is when an attempt to connect fails. It is only then that Windows will suggest you forget it. Otherwise, prefer our method described in this article.

For this, do Windows+R, enter CMD then Entry.

Delete a WiFi network profile

Paste the following command line (Make Entry to validate each order):

netsh wlan show profiles

It allows you to list all WiFi network profiles saved on your PC.

Capture d'écran - Liste des profils réseaus WiFi sous Windows 8.1
Screenshot — List of WiFi network profiles on Windows 8.1

To forget one, enter the command below, taking care to replace “profile name” with the name of the network to be deleted:

netsh wlan delete profile name=“profile name”
Capture d'écran - Suppression d'un profil réseau WiFi sous Windows 8.1
Screenshot — Remove a WiFi network profile on Windows 8.1

Remove all WiFi network profiles

If you want to forget all the networks in the list, then type the following command:

netsh wlan delete profile name=* i=*

A backlash from Microsoft inconvenient and surprising.



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  • Thanks for the article, but it still doesn't work at home, it’s still limited to reconnection, yet with my other laptop PC it works.

    Is there a way to force even more “deeply” suppression?

    Thank you

  • Patrick

    Good morning. Something curious happens to me. Windows 8.1 detects my livebox (displays in the network list) but its SSID is not returned by the netsh wlan show profiles command. So I can't forget it. In fact, I can't connect my portable ordino to the livebox by wifi, including wps. I have for the moment found a circumvention solution: connect to a repeater itself connected in WPS with the Livebox. But I don‘t understand why this damn laptop under Win 8.1 doesn’t want to connect directly to the Livebox while all my other hardware can do it.

  • Pol

    Hello my problem is that by mistake I click on forget the network and so I no longer find it at the wifi connection location how to put it back please help me ^-^

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      It is not possible to restore a forgotten network. To connect again to the wifi, either it appears in the list and you click on it to enter the password; either you enter it manually from the network center and share it.

  • nd83

    Good morning,
    Following the update in 8.1 the wifi network is visible, deemed connected and navigation impossible however under all browsers. I was able to restore it via ethernet. Of course no Hitch on cards in device management.
    My question is related to this issue of network forgetting. If I make this choice, will my box reappear at the next boot allowing me to enter the pass and maybe finally log in?
    Thank you

    • dred75

      Did you find a solution to your pb (I have the same)? my daughter has mistakenly clicked on “forget this network”, since he appears tjs but she refuses my password..
      Thank you for your/your help.

  • Happy

    Hello, I can't start the ad hoc network, let alone delete it, I just get the message “group or resource not in the correct state to perform the required operation.” What do I do in this case?