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Disable Cortana on Windows 10

Capture d'écran - Barre des tâches sans Cortana sous Windows 10

Cortana, a novelty (marketing?) delivered with Windows 10 allows you to search directly from the taskbar and with the help of the Cortana voice assistant (a Siri equivalent for Windows). If you are not a fan of this feature, learn how to disable it without further delay.

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Disable Firefox Pocket

Firefox Pocket

Available since version 38, Firefox Pocket is now integrated natively since v. 41. This tool allows you to save an article, video or page to read them later. Except that this feature uses the services of the Pocket site, whose user data ends up knowing where. Too bad on the part of Mozilla, especially since the functionality could have been managed by Firefox Sync. Let’s see how to turn it off.

Capture d'écran - Windows 10 Pro

In marketing, when you say a product or service is free, it’s you the product. With Windows 10 (and to a lesser extent Windows 8), that’s exactly that. All your activities are traced from A to Z. Search history, geolocation, favorites, settings, user data, emails, camera, microphone, voice, calendar, contacts, etc... The list is long! In short, follow our comprehensive guide to find a semblance of privacy on your PC without further delay!