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Set color management profile in Firefox

Color management is a feature of Mozilla Firefox to accurately display images on a wide variety of screens. Very useful for photography lovers (Flickr), this option is disabled by default due to its negative impact on performance. However, if you want to get a better rendering, a change in the about:config will allow us to fix this.

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Credit: Zach’s name

Case #1 — Mozilla Firefox 3

In a new tab, enter about:config in the URL bar. Override the warning and enter the following heading in the filter field:


By default, this value is set to False. To reverse the data, double-click it to pass it on True.

Case #2 — Mozilla Firefox 3.1

If you are under Firefox 3.1, the manipulation is slightly different. Open a tab, then enter about:config in the address bar.

Now search for the following title via the filter field:


Capture décran - Mozilla Firefox, modification dans about:config
Screenshot — Mozilla Firefox, change in about:config

It is now possible to choose between 3 values, via a double-click:

  • 0 : disables color management;
  • 1 : enables color management for any type of content (CSS/HTML, colors, images tagged with their profiles, untagged images treated in sRGB);
  • 2 : allows color management for only tagged images — i.e. those with a defined color profile;

By default, the value is set to 2 this is the right balance between total or zero support of color profiles. For photographers or informed users, it is advisable to switch to the value 1.

In both cases, restart the browser to validate the changes.

To deepen this problem of color profiles, I recommend the following readings:

An important trick to get a true color rendering at the expense of performance. Act according to your own needs and feel free to experiment on your PC or Mac!

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