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Share a printer on your Windows Seven network

One of the many advantages of being networked and being able to share both files but also devices such as a printer. Let’s see how to share this...

Share a printer over a network

For this, open the start Menu then click on the module Network.

Now click on the button Network and Sharing Centre included in the toolbar. You can also right-click on the icon Connection and opt for Network and Sharing Centre located in the notification area (systray) of the taskbar.

Capture décran du Centre Réseau et partage de Windows Seven
Capture of Windows Seven Network and Share Center screen

In the left sidebar, click on the link Modify Advanced Sharing Settings.

Capture décran du Centre Réseau et partage : Modifier les paramètres avancées de partage
Capture of the Network and Sharing Center screen: Modify Advanced Sharing Settings

Choose the type of network you want to modify (Residential or Public) then, under File and Printer Sharing, check the box Enable file and printer sharing. Validate via the button Save Changes.

Capture décran du Centre Réseau et partage : Paramètres de partage avancées
Capture of the Network and Sharing Center screen: Advanced Sharing Settings

Sharing the device

In the Start menu, click on Peripherals and Printers — also accessible by registering Imprimantes in the search field. Double-click the printer to share and double-click again on Customise your printer.

Capture décran des Propriétés de limprimante
Capture of the Printer Properties screen

On the tab Sharing, check the boxes Share this printer and Rendering of printing work on client computers. Validate all by clicking on OK.

If you return to the page Peripherals and printers and as you highlight your printer, you'll see a small user-shaped icon in the status bar: this means that your device is shared.

Installation of a printer

If you haven't installed the printer yet, click on Add a printer in the window Peripherals and printers.

Choose between Local printer — if the printer is connected to your computer, or Network — if you want to access the network shared printer.

Capture décran de lassistant Ajouter une imprimante
Screenshot of the wizard Add printer

Continue the steps of the wizard and click on Finish.

Your printer is now shared over your network and any computer connected to it can now use the device — after taking care to add it as indicated above by opting this time for Network Printer.

The only drawback is that the computer that manages the printer must be turned on when printing. To overcome this problem, you can connect your printer to an ADSL router or box provided they have a USB port...

N.B. : you can also share your printer using a new Windows Seven feature, the Residential Group. Small drawback, it only works with computers that also use Seven.


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  • Fredy

    Strangely, I am a regular of this blog and I found this page by searching on Google...

    In any case, thank you!

    I find it strange how printer management is done in Windows 7.

    • Well, that proves that the SEO is correct...

      For me, it is the whole network aspect that needs to be reviewed with a view to simplification. It’s hard to explain sharing functions to neophytes, but it’s even harder for printers — and I'm not talking about libraries that make it difficult.

  • Karas974

    I find it strange, too, Freddy.

    I had already installed my printer for a few months already on my PC 1, and for a few days my PC 2 has not been able to access it, yet it used to work well through the residential group.

    I may reinstall the printer on PC 1 and start sharing again but nothing does it, the printer is well shared but my PC 2 doesn't see it....

    Can be a bug due to ume MAJ!

  • Karas974

    Hi Aurélien,

    I finally found where my problem was...

    For info, my 2 PC runs on Seven, one Pro and the other Enterprise (no they are not hacked, thank you MSDNAA ) and as I stated in my first message, his walked properly before ^^.

    Installing Seven like any good OS he asks us the name of the PC, and this name I changed it recently (will know why I did it by the way, ah yes... to please my blonde x) Ohhh it’s not good to put the blame on her:P)

    Of course I‘m not at my 1st installation, I just omitted this little character detail in the name of PC 1 and it really doesn’t like its...

    I have to admit that it takes some time to get used to the environment.

    Anyway, thank you Aurélien, and good courage for the rest, it’s really a very good site ^^.

    I'll be happy.

  • Flo

    Thank you very much... it’s been whole months since I've been desperately trying to network my printer!
    Thanks to this tuto... here’s something done!

  • Amine

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. Here, my problem is next. I installed a local printer in a PC Seven, and I shared it without prob. from the other pc of the network I print on my printer without problems, but from my pc, if I put print in
    “\\NomPC\name shares”, he tells me “cannot open the file”\\NomPC\nomparteg“”.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Dadadef

    Good evening to all =)!
    I have a quick question! Can we access the printer if the computer to which it belongs is turned off?
    Thank you in advance =)!

  • Sankokai

    We have a linux server with a samba sharing to share our network printers (referencer in AD) so that it is seen from the world windows, our fleet evolute and we have desktops in windows seven company, excluding hplj 5500 dtn copiers, or 2015 hp printers.....
    At some position in seven we have installed the printer using the HP Color LaserJet driver 5500 PCL6, and when you want to install another one with the same driver it does not pass.
    All our printers are in the same VLAN (with the same IP address).

    Would you have an idea?

  • sankokai

    Hello and thank you,

    I think we found a solution, not the time to test for the moment, but a priori in the sharing tab of the printer it would be possible to add an additional driver.

    I have to try to add to our network printers from a seven shift the additional pilot.

    I'll do a post once tested.

    Thank you again.

  • Philippe


    FYI (for info)

    I had the same problem and ripped off a lot of hair but I solved it by changing the name of the printer in the INF file so that it presents for the XP machine, the same name as on the Windows 7 machine:

    “Canon iX5000” = CNM_0280XP, LPTENUM\CanoniX5000C916, CanoniX5000
    “Canon iX5000” = CNM_0280XP, usbprint\CanoniX5000C916, CanoniX5000

    changed to

    “Canon Inkjet iX5000” = CNM_0280XP, LPTENUM\CanoniX5000C916, CanoniX5000
    “Canon Inkjet iX5000” = CNM_0280XP, usbprint\CanoniX5000C916, CanoniX5000

    Here I hope it could help someone with the same problem...


  • Zebulon158

    Good morning,
    I also have some difficulties with a shared network printer...
    I have two PCs on Windows 7; before switching to Service Pack 1, no problems, the printer was running from 2 PCs.
    Since I installed the SP1 on the PC to which the printer is connected, unable to print from the other PC (portable): there’s nothing going on strictly.
    After system restoration before SP1 installation, back to normal...
    Since I reinstalled Windows after changing hardware, I have installed the SP1 -> it no longer works.
    I uninstalled the printer on the laptop, and I tried to reinstall it every time, Windows finds the printer, but returns me “the operation failed with error 0x000003e3” and specifies that “Windows cannot connect to the printer”.
    What do you think? Would network printer management have changed since SP1?
    Thank you in advance for any leads, there I dry and yet I am not a newbie!

  • Xavier

    Hey, everybody!

    I've got four pc. A first with the W7 32bits pro (PC1), 1 with the W7 32bits Premium Family Edition (PC2); 1 with the version W7 64bits Premium Family Edition (PC3) and finally another pc with vista (PC4). So I set up a local network where my USB printer connected to the PC1 is shared with the other devices. My concern is that in local printing on the PC1 its work without worries; also networked on PC3 and PC4 (->I have added additional drivers for the 64bit W7 version); on PC2 on the other hand nothing does it! Documents accumulate in the “PC2 waiting list only” (already problem), but never print.

    I therefore appeal to your kindness by informing you that I have already reinstalled this pilot on many occasions.

    Waiting.......well to you

    • Karas974

      I therefore take up the following information:
      A first with the W7 32bits pro (PC1) version,
      1 with the version W7 32bits Premium Family Edition (PC2),
      1 with the version W7 64bits Premium Family Edition (PC3),
      another pc with vista (PC4)
      Local printing on PC1: OKAY, OKAY!
      PC2 network printing: No! Failure!
      PC3 and PC4 network printing: OKAY, OKAY! (Win 7 64 Bits added drivers)

      On your PC 2:
      Do you have a firewall?
      Have you disabled “Password Protected Sharing” via the “Network Center and Sharing”?!
      Does the name of your PC2 have a name with accent “e”, “E”, “e”, “E”, “E”, “E”, “E”?!
      Because I've had this problem before.

      To the pleasure !!!

  • Thank you for this presentation, my problem that I‘ve all done this but its my nothing gives I don’t know or is the fault, I also have the problem with the security that bother me to make copy glue in partition C:/.

  • Aldama

    Hello, I just met this printer sharing problem.
    I have an HP LaserJet P1006 and an HP Deskjet that I installed on Vista. I shared them by following this tutorial. On my other PCs in Xp, I can't see my shared printers. So I can't install it on the other pc and use it. When I search from the network, I see the server station but no printer. I don't know where the problem is.

    Thanks for helping me out, I'm a little lost.

    PS: None of my posts have a password account.

  • BERE

    Hello I have a problem I have a wireless network and a Canon MF4500 series printer UFRii LT which is shared on a Xp sp3 machine but when I try to print with another pc Seven I only arrive. Thanks for your help

    • BERE

      Thank you I tested this solution (I installed the drivers on the XP machine) but still I can‘t print when I start the search. I can’t find the printer. Thanks for your help.

    • Karas974

      When you want to install a shared printer:
      Example 1:
      Machine 1 (XP)
      You install your printer locally on your machine, then you shared it.
      Machine 2 (Seven)
      You go to “Peripherals and Printers”/“Add a Printer”.
      In the window “What types of printer do you want to install?”, choose the 2nd option “Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer”.
      In the next window “Search for diponible printers”, when sharing the shared printer, the shared printer is detected and you should see it in your list, just select it and do next for the installation.
      Normally, since your printer has been installed on an XP machine, the drivers should not be the same, if you have the installation CD of your printer for Win 7 inserts when it asks you to install it on your machine 2 (Seven).

      Example 2:
      Machine 1 (XP)
      You install your printer on your machine, if it has an Ethernet socket you configure it with an IP address. You can configure the printer with the software provided for this purpose.
      The static IP address assigned must, however, be removed from the DHCP pool of your router, it is an address that will be reserved for your printer.
      Machine 2 (Seven)
      You go to “Peripherals and Printers”/“Add a Printer”.
      In the window “What types of printer do you want to install?”, choose the 2nd option “Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer”.
      In the next window “Search for diponible printers”, in general you can see your printer, if this is not the case, click on the link at the bottom of the window “The printer I want is not listed”. You will have access to a new window entitled “Search printer by name or address TCP/IP”
      Tick the 2nd option “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or host name” and click on “Next”
      In the next window, in the location “host name or IP address” between the IP address you gave when installing the printer.
      Leave the checkbox “Qury printer and automatically select the driver to use”. If Win 7 has the compatible driver it will install it, otherwise it will ask you to insert the driver CD FOR WIN 7.
      You will have to go through the proposed window, pick up the “INF” file of your printer on the CD.
      Do not install the driver via the “Setup” of the CD.

      Of course, this is an example, it may be that your machine 1 is under Seven, it’s up to you to rehabilitate all its in order to stay consistent in your installation !!!
      Good luck!

  • BERE

    BJR I have a photocopier that also makes printing of Canon IR1530 brand but since I removed the cleaned drum, every photocopy it screams before photocopying. Thank you for your availability.

    • Karas974

      Hi, in general on this kind of device have changed the drum, have avoided doing “cleanings” for having used them in a professional environment... His avoids having this kind of problem afterwards.
      Moreover, as stipulated by Aurélien, troubleshooting without having the device in front is complicated, we do not know what is happening (noise, error on the control panel, error reported by LEDs etc...)
      If you are sure of your cleaning and reassembly of your part testing a “reset” or “hard reset” of the device (see doc of it).
      Be careful regardless of the “reset” that will be done you can lose the device configuration or just a reset of the counters.
      Good luck!

  • BERE

    Hello we are currently entering to want to apply for a tender and my boss asks me to do the next job by Friday Matin.if someone so know he only has to give me a hand Thank you infinitely.
    — Search on the Internet for data backup solutions for SMEs/SMI: a comparative table to be produced
    — Do a study of antiviral solutions with colons and functionalities (kaspersky, Norton,...)
    — Search the Internet for network security solutions for SMEs/SMI: a comparative table to be produced
    — Search on the Internet for firewall solutions for SMEs/SMI: a comparative table to be produced
    — Search the Internet for anti-malware network solutions for SMEs/PMI: a comparative table to be produced
    — Search the Internet for anti-spy solutions for SMEs/SMI: a comparative table to be produced
    I really need your help.

    • Karas974

      Hi BERE, it’s still vague enough for me.
      The biggest of the questions would be for SME/PMI, OK, but does he want a domain or a small workgroup, will it subsequently enlarge its computer park x)!
      These questions remain crucial to help you properly !

  • BERE

    Hi Karas974 thank you for your attention. He wants to create a domain and then plan for an expansion of the computer fleet in the future.

  • Shironet9

    Wooooooh, it’s by chance that I found this site on google, it’s a super great site. I think I found a solution to all my questions. hat shot!

  • Olivio

    I followed the procedure of your tutorial my problem is that everything was working and overnight my printer no longer works on a network. I reconfigured the sharing but when I go into enable sharing the sharing returns to disable thank you in advance for your lighting.

  • BEEL

    I have a CANON PIXMA MP520 printer physically installed
    on a PC32 under Windows XP
    I have another tower where WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 7 live together.
    I shared with WINDOWS 7 and it works perfectly.
    When on this second round I position myself under WINDOWS XP the printer is present as a shared printer
    but when I send an impression, a message tells me that
    the printer does not respond despite the spool is loaded
    and that the printer in the configuration panel is ready
    How to solve this problem in this second round
    called PC10
    Mercie for your information step by step

  • Michel

    well me on the 2 PCs I have SEVEN and on the PC which has the printer, impossible to share it, at the time of applying, I have an error message: 0x000006cc
    In printers, whatever I choose, even a virtual like PDF creator or OneNote or fax, I may right click Printer Properties, then share tab, if I tick, and make APPLICATION, I have message: 0x000006cc... impossible to parate...
    Any idea?

  • Michel

    I don't speak English, but with Google...
    So, first in the so-called key, I didn't have the internet key. So I added it, then applied it: 1.Add the Internet key under:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ RPC\Internet

    2.. Under the Internet key, add the values “Ports” (MULTI_SZ), “Available Internet Ports” (from REG_SZ), and “UseInternetPorts” (REG_SZ) For example, the new registry key appears as follows:

    Ports: REG_MULTI_SZ: 5000-5100
    PortsInternetAvailable: REG_SZ: Y
    UseInternetPorts: REG_SZ: Y

    3.Restart the server.

    I didn't understand if my key should be called Ports then the REG_MULTI_SZ values: 5000-5100
    Or Ports: REG_MULTI_SZ and the value 5000-5100.

    This is for the 3 keys. So I tried various formulas...

    After I can't restart RPC since everything is grayed out unless update, so I updated and I still have the same error 0x000006cc...

  • orribé serge

    Hello and thank you for your information on printer sharing. I opted for sharing via my livebox. My only problem is that I can no longer use my scan. Could you tell me in return, the manipulation you need to do to set it up.
    Thank you for your answer.

  • Zack

    Hello I am an intern and wanted to know how to share a printer on a network knowing that we have 4 switches for 8 pc
    can you help me?
    thank you