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Customise the option Send to Windows Vista

The Send To option is accessible from the context menu in a Windows Explorer window. Very convenient, it allows you to quickly send folders or files to predefined locations (Documents, system partitions) but also to a compressed folder or a recipient. Let’s see how we could enrich it with additional features for the least useful!

On Windows Vista, the command Send to is similar to XP but the location of the shortcuts that make up it is different.

Open a Windows Explorer window, then locate the following folder:


This is a hidden folder, so you have to display it.

To do this, press the button Alt to show the menu bar. Then click on Tools then on File Options....

In the section Settings on the tab Display, check the box entitled Show hidden files and folders.

Validate by clicking on OK.

Capture d'écran - Affichage des dossiers cachés
Screenshot of screen — View hidden folders

Now that you're in the file Sendto, here we will add additional shortcuts:

Capture d'écran - Affichage des dossiers cachés
Screenshot of screen — View hidden folders

To add shortcuts, either drag/drop those that interest you in the folder Sendto, either you follow the following manipulation:

  1. Right-click in the window;
  2. Unwind the menu Nouveau then click on Shortcut ;
  3. Follow the shortcut creation wizard — just indicate the executable file of the application;

You cannot create an order Send to for any type of program, but it is useful to add:

I invite you to try out the common applications you are using. For example, it is possible to send an MP3 file to Audacity for editing — the import is done automatically.

Capture d'écran - Commande Envoyer vers personnalisée dans Vista
Screenshot — Order Send to Custom in Vista

Finally, this folder may also contain shortcuts to old unused programs whose deletion has only been too late. Same for those who are of no use to you!

If you too, you have created your own list of programs and discovered nice shortcuts, leave us a comment!


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