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Customise Windows Seven from A to Z with visual themes

The arrival of Windows Seven also signals the return of visual themes. Present in Windows XP, deleted in Windows Vista, they are new from the game, so you can transform your PC to your image. In this article, you will learn how to create your theme from a to z, from wallpaper to system sounds to window color.

Création du thème

Start by making a right-click on your desktop and choose Customise. This is where you will be able to customise almost all of your Windows. By default, some visual themes of very good quality in passing, are provided. You can try them by clicking on one of them, Windows 7 being the default theme. You can also create yours by reading the rest of the article.

Capture décran - Centre de personnalisation de votre PC
Capture of #39; screen — Customisation center of your PC

Background of the office

Click on the link Background of the Bureau at the bottom of the window. Choose the desired image for your wallpaper from the list or click on the button Browse to search for it in a specific folder. Adjust the position of the image among the different choices offered: Filling, Adjust, Stretch, Mosaic and Center.

Capture décran - Choix du fond décran
Capture d' screen — Background choice d' screen

You will notice that a small check appears when you hover over an image. If you check at least two images, you can order Windows to alternate them every x minutes randomly or not.

Capture décran - Fonction diaporama de vos papiers peints
Capture of #39; screen — Slideshow function of your wallpapers

Click on Save Changes.

Looking for the ultimate wallpaper? Then check out this article:

120 Windows Seven HD wallpapers to download

Color of windows

Click on the link Color of the window. Choose the color of the windows from those offered or click on Display Color Mixer to create your own hue. You can also enable/disable window transparency via the check box of the same name.

Capture décran - Personnalisation des couleurs des fenêtres
Capture d' screen — Customising window colors

If you want to maximise customisation, click on the link Advanced Appearance Parameters. You will find the same module as on Windows XP.

Capture décran - Paramètres dapparence avancées
Capture of #39; screen — Parameters d' advanced appearance

Once all changes have been completed, click on Save Changes.

Sounds system

Click on the link Sounds. Seven offers a wide list of sound models compared to its predecessor Vista. Make your choice via the drop-down list and click on Apply. You also have the option to edit each sound separately by clicking on one of them and then on the button Browse. Search for your file and validate. Attention, only the format WAV is taken care of. Finally, if the Windows startup sound annoys you in the long run, uncheck the box Play Windows Starting Sound.

Capture décran - Sons systèmes
Capture of #39; screen — Sounds systems

Click on OK I'll finish it.

Ecran de veille

Click on the link Standby screen. For those who do not know, a screensaver is an animation that appears after x minutes of inactivity on the part of the user and its purpose was to “preserve the image quality of the screens of cathodic type computers that retained the ‘fingerprint’ of the software windows, by stopping the display of the screen (black screen), or by changing the colors displayed on each pixel (words and animations)” hence the term screensaver. (quote from Wikipedia)

Click on the drop-down list and choose the screensaver of your choice. Most of the time, you can configure it by clicking on the button Settings. Click on Overview to preview your screensaver.

Capture décran - Ecran de veille
Capture d' screen — Standby screen

For more security, you can check the box After resuming, display logon. Thus, Windows will ask you for your password again so that you can log in to your session again.

Finally, screensavers are important vectors of virus transmission: be careful when installing them! Scan them with an antivirus!

Mouse pointers

In the left sidebar, click on the link Edit mouse pointers. In the part Model, click on the drop-down list to choose a “ready” cursor pack. Or, in the same way as for sounds, in the part Customise, click on the cursor to change and then click the button Browse. Search for your cursor in.ani and.cur formats and validate it all.

Capture décran - Curseurs de souris Windows
Capture of #39; Screen — Windows Mouse Cursors

Finally, you can add a shadow to your pointer by checking the box provided for this purpose. In addition, if you want a theme not to be able to change your mouse cursors, uncheck the box Allow themes to change mouse pointers.

Click on OK.

Desktop icons

In the left sidebar, click on the link Change desktop icons. In the part Desktop icons, check the icons that need to appear on your desktop. To edit one, click on the icon and then click Change icon. Choose from the list (or click on Browse to install a custom/downloaded icon) then click on OK.

Capture décran - Modifier les icônes du bureau
Capture d' screen — Change desktop icons

Again, you can prohibit themes from modifying your icons by checking the box Allow themes to change Bureau icons.

Click on OK.

Personal Avatar

In the left sidebar, click on the link Change the image of your account. The latter appears on the login screen (when you select a user) and at the top of the start menu. Click on the desired image in the proposed list. You can also use the image of your choice by clicking on the link Search for other images.

Capture décran - Modifier limage de votre compte utilisateur
Capture of #39; screen — Change the image of your user account

N.B. : For a better result, prefer a square image.

Click on Edit image I'll finish it.

Connection screen

The logon screen, in French login screen, is the image that appears in the background when entering your session password. To modify it easily and without installing software, read this tutorial:

Customise the Windows Seven login screen without installing third-party software

Saving the theme

Now that your theme is ready, you will certainly agree that it needs to be saved. To do this, nothing simpler, click on the link Save the theme. Enter a name and click on Save. Your theme appears in the My Themes list.

Capture décran - Sauvegarde du thème visuel
Capture of #39; Screen — Visual Theme Backup

To delete a theme, do a right-click on the theme and opt for Remove Theme (the theme to be deleted cannot be the active theme).

Share your theme

Proud of your creation, you would like to share it with your loved ones, or better, on a Windows theme site. For this, make a right-click on the theme, and opt for Save the theme for sharing. Choose the destination folder and click on Save. Notice that the file extension is .themepack : only Windows Seven can read this kind of file.

To install the theme, simply double-click on the file name-du-theme.themepack.

Free themes to download

If you don't have the soul of a designer to create a theme, you can download it on the Microsoft Official Website.

Capture décran - Site officiel Microsoft : Personalize your PC
Capture of #39; screen — Microsoft Official Site: Personalise your PC

Find out more

There are other ways to customise your Windows even more:

Want to propose your theme on Protuts? Enter your link via the comments of this article!


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  • Bonave

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to know how to put an image in the background of a folder because it is despairing since in the other versions it was possible.

  • William

    Good morning,

    I would like to know if it is possible to change the icon of the control panel?
    If so, thank you for telling me how.


  • Ren

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any software or other solution to customise the folders under Windows 7, i.e. put an image in the back of a folder, it was so easy on xp and with vista and windows 7 it’s a hell, but why they didn't leave this option, I tried one or two tricks to find on the net but without result, thank you

  • Fifi900

    Hey, hey,
    I'll like to change the first page at startup and stop
    the green image with blue strokes you voy the thing not beautiful
    even if it’s complicated said the I tumble pretty well

  • Adownloads

    A propro of Windows 7 themes,

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 and activate, the version is the latest, here’s what happens.:

    I install a theme, I can check more image but I don't see the choice for.:

    Change image all: 30 minutes [x] Random, could you please help me?

  • @Adownloads : in order to enable the scrolling of images, you must at least tick 2.
    In addition, the function is located at the bottom of the Back Plan Office window. What theme did you install? I did the test with 2 different themes: everything works impec.

  • debbbb

    good evening, I have a problem with the personalisation of the wallpaper under windows 7. impossible to change the position of the image (adjust, stretch, center, etc). Do you have a solution, please? I can't find one on the internet. Thank you in advance

  • USTY24

    I bought a mini pc equipped with original windows seven and I don't have the right-click customisation option on the desktop. So I can't customise my wallpaper and the settings that go with it.
    Do you have any idea?
    Thank you

  • relief

    same for me, I can go to the customisation screen but although I select several photos, I do not have the option to change the time between the images, and my background does not change. For my part I used the student upgrade of windows 7 which gives me a completely legal premium family

    Any ideas?

  • relief

    give me a rope that hangs me!

    the solution was so obvious that I hadn't seen it!

    in fact, unlike all the images found on the web that shows random and delay change options, these options are not next to the layout of the image but below, and just scroll down the page...

    yes, I'm ashamed

    for those where nothing is done, rdv in the register (search regedit) and explore like this

    HCUser/control panel/personalisation/desktop slideshow

    — Shuffle for random mode (0 disables, 1 active)
    — for the transition, this is the decimal value of interval

    ATTENTION: this value corresponds to the number of seconds multiplied by 1000!

    • Betty-Ann

      For Soulcage:

      Olala me too I'm ashamed lol, I also thought the option of minutes was next door and not downstairs. Result I took weeks to find your post! Thank you very much to you

  • AC

    Good morning,
    I would like to change the color selection or highlight (blue, by default) in WINDOWS 7.
    Does anyone know how to do it?

    • It is possible but only if you go back under the old theme (Windows 2000) so it loses its interest because we do not keep the brand new design of Windows 7: task bar, transparency, rounded tips...

      No solution for now

  • Jamel

    SLT at all, are there windows 7 thems? I‘m not talking about wallpapers I’m talking about the total (interface, task bar,...) coz g v a little change my old habits...

  • it’s probably feasible on Linux, but how I don't know yet... but if I find it, of course I would propose the trick.

    Hello everyone. My mic is equipped with Windows 7 64-bit. I would like to delete images installed by the system.

    Microsoft provides images that can serve as a wallpaper. They are in C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper. Some people particularly displease me and I would like to erase them from the disc. I don't think these images are necessary for the proper functioning of the system. So I was surprised to see that they are locked by the system. When I try to remove them, the system responds to me: ‘You need permission from TrustedInstaller to edit the file’.
    Thank you if you can tell me how to delete them. Thank you in advance.

      • it’s probably feasible on Linux, but how I don't know yet... but if I find it, of course I would propose the trick.

        Yes, yes. But it’s impossible to take control of it! Although I have an administrator account on my desktop (only I use it, and Windows was factory installed), the system refuses to change the permissions (Allow and Refuse buttons are inaccessible for these directories).
        I reread what Windows displays in user account management: “Administrators have full access to the computer and can make any desired changes”... With a few exceptions, obviously!

        What can I do? Thank you.

  • djoulju

    Hello, I have the same problem as DEBB, I can put several images in slideshow etc but impossible to center them to make a mosaic or other I click but nothing changes! help me it takes my head in the long run!

  • DMode

    Boujour, a visual effect is no longer operational (under seven) the storage of windows when you shake a window. Can you help me?
    Thank you

  • Ark

    Good morning

    First of all thank you for this tutorial very well realise

    I would like to know if it is possible to customise the random function of wallpapers? indeed it often happens that it displays the same image, I would like to know if it would be possible that it lists those that are already passed for not having this kind of repetition effect?

    Thank you

  • Lénaa

    I have the same problem as DEBB and djulju... and my version of windows 7 is legal... The images I choose in wallpaper go well but I can't change the positioning (centered, adjusted, etc...) all my photos are stretched horizontally and it’s super ugly! I tested with other image formats etc. but nothing works... No one knows how to do it? Please

  • Lénaa

    Hey, hey,
    I‘m not good at computer science so I don’t know what resolution my images are, and I don't know how to know it.
    The option for positioning the image is present, I can choose the center if I want, but once I have the modif recorded, it automatically returns to stretch.
    and the version of windows seven... I don‘t know either, I’ve never asked myself the question... Sorry, it doesn't make things happen at all but I know nothing about it...

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      To know the resolution of an image, you right-click on it and then Properties. On the Details tab, look at Dimensions. They have to match the resolution of your screen.
      To know the resolution of your screen, right-click on your desktop and then screen resolution. Click on the Resolution drop-down list and compare with the dimensions of your image and the recommended screen resolution.
      If your screen has a resolution of 1920×1200, download images of that dimension. Thus, your images will be perfectly adapted to the size of your screen without being stretched.

  • Lénaa

    OK already thank you for that.
    But if I want to put my photos, without uploading them, pictures that I make, I can't put them off if it’s not the right resolution? Or can I change the resolution of my photos?

  • Lénaa

    okay, okay! Thank you very much for these “tricks”. I'm gonna get away with that, I think. But the problem at the origin of my PC regarding the positioning of images is not solved. I can of course put photos that will be adapted to the screen but logically, my PC should be able to position the photos as I ask him, but there, he does not...
    So much worse
    Thank you anyway

  • micou51

    Hello I have a problem I am under vista and I live to buy the Windows 7 legal update but the worry I have no choice to personalise my desktop theme my stain bar and everything else are in win 98 very ugly mode please help me I don't know how to do it

    on the personalisation page j a ca d registered one or more parameters on this page have been disabled not the system administrator

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    I have read your subject on the themes of Windows 7 and I ask you because I have a little problem.
    Indeed, I noticed that the images of my theme have changed without any transition for some time.
    Before, I had a transition (a ‘chained melt’) between each image of the theme. This is no longer the case today.
    How can this transition be restored?
    Thank you.

    I‘m on Windows 7 Premium 32bit Family Edition and I’m the only computer user.

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Hello and thank you for the answer.
    TuneUp 2011 disabled some visual effects after creating my profile.
    I only have one user account.
    I would just like to know which registry keys to use to reactivate the transition between images in my theme.
    I can't delete my profile in TuneUp 2011 because I am beyond my trial period and I wait for the software box release to activate it legally.

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      Uninstall TuneUp: I strongly advise against its use as it changes without any permission registry keys, control panel options and so on.

      Have you tried to create a second user session via User Accounts in Control Panel to see if the problem persists?

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    TuneUp removed the backup that could have allowed me to remove the changes made to improve performance. It was my fault because I had left “2 weeks” and I should have settled on “Never”.
    So I uninstalled TuneUp.
    No change.
    On the other hand, I can't restore Windows before installing TuneUp. My backups are not old enough and are now managed by Acronis True Image Home 2011.

    Finally, I created another user session and my theme works perfectly.
    What to do now? Transfer everything to a new account? I hope not...
    I think the answer is in the Register.
    Thank you for helping me.

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    I think I've found what I still have to do: Reinstall Windows 7 properly!
    Indeed, I restored Windows with Acronis True Image Home 2011 and the restoration “half” failed. After a long wait, 7 restarts on a temporary session.
    On the Microsoft France website, they give a method to find its session through the registry, but this failed. Now, the session no longer opens and it is impossible to fix Windows.
    Balance sheet of operations:
    — I need to recover as much data as possible from my user account (especially my messages).
    — I have to make a cross on TuneUp 2011 and Acronis 2011.
    Fortunately, I still have Vista in multiboot.

    I would still come back to get an answer to my starting question.

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    The question is relevant...

    I‘m glad I kept Vista because it allowed me to keep in touch with the Internet during the inconvenience I’ve experienced in recent days.
    I just used a backup made last October and I finally found Windows 7 functional and especially my theme has regained its transition.

    I've always had a multiboot since Windows 98SE, in case...

    I will create a new backup when everything is up to date for the case or.

    Thank you again!

  • Milou

    Good morning,

    I have had a problem for several days, when I unplug my power cable while my computer is on standby, when I go again on this one, the theme is changing as well as the wallpaper.

    I use Windows 7.

    Thank you in advance.

      • Milou

        I haven't changed anything for 2 good months, while for a few days he has done to me what I explained above. (he had never done it to me before.)

        I did setup for energy saving, but as said, there’s a little bit. It doesn't seem to me that this has enabled visual settings.

  • Stefan

    Hello, me when I want to change theme its does not work, it is just put "one or more elements not disabled on this page by the system administrator

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Yes, it’s possible, but it’s pretty complicated. I remember when I had XP, I tried the experiment.
    The taskbar, the start menu, the window structure, the buttons... are in an operating system library (a *.dll file). It can be accessed with software, but it was not always very stable and even less practical in English. In short, it was awkward to use. You need to locate the item to recover (the Start menu) and retrieve it, then manually modify it with a drawing software, and then re-inject it into the library. This is probably the reason why we find themes all made on some sites. I don‘t know if we’ve found it easier since.
    You should take a look at the CustomXP site and their forum. I think we'll help you.
    Good luck.

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    I often happen that 7 does not scroll through the images of the theme I created (theme I recorded). By right-clicking on the Office and choosing Personalise, I realise that a theme ‘unregistered’ appears and that it is chosen. It is composed of an image of my recorded theme. I delete it (in the Trash it appears under the name Custom.theme).
    What can I do to keep this from happening again?

  • David

    Good morning,
    In the “Choose background for your desktop” screen, you will see the drop-down list of the location of the image: Background of the Windows desktop, library of images, photos with the best ranking etc. but also some personal directories saved automatically when you put a photo of this directory in the wallpaper.
    My question:
    — I want to ‘clean up’ this drop-down list by leaving only directories that interest me at first
    — and disable the automatic recording of the directory in this list in a second step.

    Sometimes I find the location of the photo, in a subfolder of “Users” and delete it, but the folder in this drop-down list remains.
    I‘m looking, I’m looking... but I can't find anything. If you knew how to help me... thank you in advance.

  • Clear

    Hello everyone,

    I have a concern that I can‘t customise my computer, especially I can’t get my screensaver to launch, while in the preview it worked very well

    Configuration Panel > All Control Panel Items > Customisation

    this is non-existent in my W7! config panel! idem when I right-click on the “Custom” desktop does not exist

    how can I do it? thank you in advance


  • Clear

    okay thank you for your answer,

    but the very amazing thing is that when I change my session, for example “Guest” there is no problem the old screen works, but not under my session “Administrator”, it’s shady but good I'll do without it


  • Stone

    Good morning,

    I just received a PC with Windows 7 and I have a problem with the width of the web pages. Before, with XP or Vista, I could find the right resolution and have pages that spread across the entire width of my 22-inch screen. With 7, it’s impossible! Why?

    • It’s quite normal that a website doesn't occupy the full width of a 22-inch screen that logically supports high definition.

      A website is theoretically limited to 990px wide to be compatible with many resolutions.

      However, all browsers offer zoom functions.

      • Stone

        finally... in this case, this is Yahoo’s site that was quite configurable with the same screen with XP, Vista and Linux, until yesterday again, and without having to go in the zoom of the web page! So your explanation doesn't... sorry...

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    @ Aurélien Denis ->A 22-inch display does not necessarily support high definition (Full HD 1080i, resolution of 1920×1080). As proof, I have a 23-inch screen and it is not Full HD. On the other hand, a 22-inch screen can be compatible with HD, i.e. display images originally in HD.

    @ Pierre ->If you have just received a new PC, it is very likely that the screen is not calibrated against the installed graphics card. You must not only configure the screen (using the OSD settings buttons on the screen), but then adjust the screen resolution to your needs in the Control Panel (using your graphics card manager). This is either the nVidia Control Panel or the ATI Manager.
    Always use the best possible connection between the graphics card and the screen (DVI or HDMI).
    To choose the best resolution for your screen, you can also help yourself with Wikipedia graphics at this address:
    For example, for a 22 inch, the resolutions are:
    1442×1081(HD 720), 1596×1197(HD 720), 1788×1341(HD 720) and 2128×1596(HD 1080).
    For my part, in 23 inches, I use the recommended resolution in 60 Hz, namely 1280×1024 in DVI (nVidia GeForce 8500GT).

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Good morning,
    I just formatted and reinstalled Vista (but I still have 7 in double primer). I would like to adapt my visual theme created under 7 for Vista. I have the images, but I would like the same transition effect (founded-visual chain) as in 7. Is there a free software to add this transition to Vista?
    Thank you.

      • $Ù8ÙLD

        In fact, I suspected it a bit, but is it possible to find a free software that can manage the display of wallpapers and add a transition (founded-chained), like Windows 7 does?
        Thank you.

  • Oli

    SLT I would like to know how to put the original wallpaper back on Windows 7
    I just know how to put a whole color on the wallpaper like everything in red, black blue, but can‘t come back the original wallpaper I checked something to remove it and I don’t know where it is.
    no access to a billboard (does not exist on windows7) no customisation
    if a person knows how to do it, I thank him in advance for it thanks

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      right-click on your desktop and choose Customise, then click on Backplane of the desktop (down), and, in the drop-down list “Image Location”, opt for Back Plan of Windows Desktop. You should find all the default wallpapers in Windows 7.

  • Geo

    Hello everyone, I have a little question.
    I just bought a PC equipped with 7, is it possible to have a drop-down banner year down the screen (As on the Inux) You see? A kind of drop-down banner that contains program icons. When you pass the smile on the headband, the selected icon becomes larger and you can “roll” the banner to select the desired program. This avoids having icons from all over the desktop but is it possible?
    Thank you for your answer

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Hi Geo,
    Indeed, this is a dock, but I find the one inspired by Mac OS X quite simple. I prefer by far a dock with tabs, like the one proposed by sTabLauncher. Very practical because configurable at wishes. For example, the icons of its favorite multimedia software can be placed in a “multimedia” tab, or in an “Office” tab the icons of Microsoft Office tools. The software is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, but you just have to disable User Account Control (UAC) because the latter blocks the software from booting up the PC. The software is translated into French, of course.

    No, the MAC OS X-inspired dock is not installed by default in Windows 7. I think the apple brand would have taken it very badly...
    On the other hand, it is possible to download Rocket Dock (this is its name) here:
    Initially, it doesn't really look like the MAC OS X dock, but just go through its configuration to dress it exactly like the latter.

  • Geo


    It’s a dock, I just recovered rocket dock that suits me perfectly, so thank you for giving me some time. I just regret that it lacks some fun compared to Lynux’s dock (the icons that ignite at the passage of the mouse etc.) But maybe it’s configurable (I couldn't find it.)
    Thank you very much

  • Edith

    Good morning,
    I liked your articles. Except ke I would like to know how to put the original parck wallpaper back to my home, ‘desktop background windows don’t show up.’

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Hey, hey,
    Avoid SMS language if you like it. You have a keyboard with all the keys so use it. Thank you.
    Return the original wallpaper (as at the first start)?
    No problem:
    1. Right click on an empty place on your screen.
    2. Choose ‘Customise’.
    3. In the first frame, search the line ‘Aero Themes’ and click on the theme ‘Windows 7’.
    4. Close the window by clicking on the cross at the top right.

    Quite simply...

  • Noiz

    Good morning,

    I would like to delete certain ‘paths’ for wallpaper images (modified or no longer existing paths)
    I‘ll try to describe clearly, to make sure everyone knows what I’m talking about.
    On this article we see this image:
    I am referring to the frame ‘Founders’ on the left to browse, which contains the list of paths in which images that have already been used in wallpapers by the user are located.
    The problem is that if one of the folders in the path is renamed, or the path is downright deleted, it remains apparent here and an error message appears if the user selects it (message like “the path does not exist”...)
    so I want to do a little cleaning in there.

    Thank you in advance to who will answer

  • Hello friends I have a pc dell 4550 series and I installed windows seven but I can't change the resolution of the screen and fonts it’s all big. I have a flat screen 30 inches. thank you in advance for help me solve my problem

    • Benjamin Denis Post author

      Good morning,
      right-click on the desktop, then screen resolution. You select from the Resolution drop-down list the desired resolution. Then you click on OK. With a 30 inch you should be able to climb at least in resolution to 1920×1200.

      • $Ù8ÙLD

        Yes, this method is also valid. It is actually faster than mine (posted on 18/11/2011 at 7:48 pm). With a screen of this size, you must actually be able to mount to full HD resolution or more.
        I have a 23-inch screen and my resolution is 1280×1024...

  • $Ù8ÙLD

    Hello senior,
    What is your monitor’s brand and full reference?
    You have to install the driver of the graphics card if you haven't already done so. It is even possible that Windows Update offers it to you via an update.
    You will also see in the control panel if there is an icon ‘Nvidia Control Panel’. If this is the case, you double-cliques on it and go to the section ‘View — Change resolution’. On the right side, tell us what you see.

  • GAB

    Hello, I would like to know how to change the “inerface” at startup. Well, I'll explain. In fact, I would like that when you can click on the user account you want to use, there is instead a “box” to enter the user name and password, much like at school for example. Thank you.

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      The Customise option does not appear when you right-click in the Windows 7 taskbar. To see this option, you need to right-click on an empty location in the Office. A context menu then appears and one of the choices (the last one at the bottom) is Customise.

  • kensama

    Good morning,

    I tried yesterday a Gears of War 3 theme and after suppression of it, Messenger, Thunderbird keeps the configuration of this theme.

    How to completely uninstall the features of a theme?

    Thank you in advance

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      — For Thunderbird (v8), you have to run it, then click in the menu on Tools -> Add-ons and then, in the tab that opens, click Appearance. Finally select the default theme. If there is another theme, uninstall or delete it.
      — For Messenger (Windows Live Messenger 2011), you need to display your contact list, press the [Alt] key to pop up the menu, click Tools -> Edit your theme, and then, in the window that opens, choose the first theme in the list (top left, a blue and white gradient), and then apply.

      • kensama

        No, but the problem doesn't come from Thunderbird or Messenger.
        Since it’s the tea I set up that fucked the souk.
        The problem is that it left files in the system!

          • kensama

            Well not alas!

            I'm completely overwhelmed!
            I managed to upgrade and the problem persisted.

            This afternoon, I completely formatted the score from a live Ubuntu CD and then completely reinstalled Windows 7 and there I install Thunderbird and Messenger and the problem is still there!

            And it’s an official theme!

            Now I don't know what to do?

        • $Ù8ÙLD

          reply to the commentary on 21 December at 5:31 p.m.

          I think you went wrong with reinstalling Windows 7. To format, no need to go through a Linux distribution. This is perfectly possible with Windows DVD or restore partition. I guess by going through Linux, you may not have formatted the original partition containing Windows. You may have created another one with a new Windows and then, by rebooting, the PC (or you) chose the old Windows (the one with the problem). It’s just a hypothesis...

          • kensama

            No it’s good in fact it was me the problem actually:p

            It happens that at the same time that I had installed the theme, I had made adjustments under catalyst for the game part and in particular a morphing effect.

            Only for a reason I don't know, this setting affected the display of MSN and Thunderbird.
            And since I was giving this setting either by a restoration keeping my parameters or when reinstalling my pilots (as part of a complete restoration of W7), the effect was indeed always present.

            problem solved for me.

            PS: No formatting error from Linux, since both OS are installed on separate partitions (security in case W7 releases me) )

            Thank you for your help anyway.

  • Thierry

    Hello team and other fidele!
    I would like to know if it is possible to change the opening of windows 7, that is to say what is before the logon screen, the image of the boot somehow or the start of windows you know what I mean?
    thank you very much.
    PS: in French if you need software (if possible)

  • Mina

    I bought a mini pc equipped with original windows seven and I don't have the right-click customisation option on the desktop. So I can't customise my wallpaper and the settings that go with it.
    Do you have any idea?
    Thank you

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      Hey, hey,
      I think your “mini PC” is equipped with Windows 7 edition Starter. This edition does not allow to change the wallpaper, and many other things are missing from the call. This is a simplified version of Windows 7. To verify, tap the Windows + E key (the Windows key bears the Windows logo). This starts the file explorer, and then clicks the System Properties button. If you have the Starter edition, there is a free and easy-to-use software that allows you to bypass the problem and choose another wallpaper:Starter Change Background. You can find it for download here:

  • Red

    Good morning,

    I‘ve had a little problem with Windows 7 themes for some time that I can’t fix.
    In fact, my theme is constantly reset. I'll explain it. If I change my theme (whether I put an official theme, upload, or custom it comes back to the same), everything works well for a while. Except that a few days later (perhaps the same day as sometimes a week after), when opening my computer, I find myself with a still image in wallpaper, which belongs to that of a different theme than the one I had selected. It’s always the same image that comes back every time! and I begin to tire of seeing it without being able to change it.

    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      Hey, hey,
      I encountered a problem very similar to a small detail: My theme was no longer scrolling, but it was an image of my theme that appeared.
      Would you use the TuneUp Utilities software by chance? If this is the case, removing it is not enough to fix the problem. You'll have to reinstall Windows (what I did). There was a trick to do in TuneUp Utilities, but I don't know which one.

      • Red

        Thank you for the info

        I just did an internet search about TuneUp Utilities and apparently it seems to be the source of the problem. Several other people had the same problem as me after installing it.

        On the other hand, I can't figure out how to solve this problem...
        At least I know the source now.

        Anyone had any idea? it'll bother me to reformat just for a wallpaper...

          • $Ù8ÙLD

            After a little research, I just found the trick about the problem I had with “TuneUp Utilities” (problem that I expose here in an old post dating from November 30, 2010).
            On another forum, a member who experienced the same problem as me (no transition when moving from one image to another in a theme) gives me the solution:
            Go to the control panel/system and security/system. Click on advanced system settings, then parameters for performance. Uncheck ‘enable aero peek’ then apply and tick ‘activate aero peek’ and apply.’
            Source of message:
            Hoping that this solution solves your problem...

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      Have you uninstalled “TuneUp”?
      Otherwise, we must remove all the changes made since the problem arose (see even from the beginning if possible), then uninstall it... and pray.
      That said, formatting Windows can only do good to your PC because it allows you to start on a healthy basis. You just have to get organised before formatting (save all drivers, documents, emails, etc...).

  • Fred

    Hello I would like to know if it is possible to remove the arrow at the top of the office that tightens nothing and when you click there is Access Sharing Experiences Tools

  • Alexandrel

    In fact, unlike all the images found on the web that shows the random and time-change options, these options are not next to the layout of the image but below, and just scroll down the page...

    yes, I am ashamed.

    Loool! We're two.


    for Office 2007 I have only one icon that of word, it is very agacating. How to find the clean 'icone for each program:Excel, word, acces, powerpoint plubisher, etc.

    Then, how to write with accents when it’s necessary
    in a Courril. J'ai changes the computer and I am lost.

    Thank you for giving me a good answer.

    • $Ù8ÙLD

      Hello MAHEUX,

      Check if you have a folder named “Microsoft Office” in your Start > All Programs menu. If so, there are all the icons in the software. To place them on the Windows desktop, just right click on each of them and choose “Send to...” and then choose the desktop.

      For your accent problems, it depends on your keyboard. In principle, only French (or French) keyboards use accented characters.
      If you don't have a French keyboard, you can use the Character Table. It can be found in the Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools (on Windows 7).

  • Fallen

    Hello, I no longer have the option “Change image all” which makes my wallpaper remain fixed despite the fact that I have several images that are selected thank you