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Protuts goes to version 3

To celebrate this 5 months of existence, the Protuts team is proud to present the 3 rd version of the site. On the program, you will like a package of new features and changes, which we are convinced of.

Capture décran - Nouveau design du site Protuts
Screenshot — New design of the site Protuts

Statistics since the launch of Protuts (5 months)

First of all, here is a small account of the statistics of the site, a little like Apple’s keynotes. At Protuts we also apply the principle of transparency!

  • PageRank: 5 to the latest news since Google no longer publishes this index.
  • AlexaRank: 159 360
  • Number of visits: 280 000
  • Number of pages viewed: 670 000
  • RSS feed: about 500 subscribers (via FeedBurner)
  • Twitter: 1491 followed (following) for 1540 followers (followers)
  • Forum: 45 members
  • Newsletter: 126 subscribers

And since the launch of Windows 7, visits have increased sharply, from 2,200 visits/day to more than 3,700 for yesterday’s day! Thank you all!

Update: 4 300 visits on 25/10/2009 and 3 700 on 24/10.

New design

Protuts’ new appearance is becoming more mature thanks to its more sober colours. It also aims to be more eye-friendly and practical for the user through better ergonomics and visual unity. To get an idea of the evolution, nothing like a small screenshot before/after:

Capture décran - Comparaison entre la v2 et la v3 de Protuts
Screenshot of screen — Comparison between v2 and v3 of Protuts

The bug hunt is open, we will be ruthless but your help is obviously welcome!

New functions

This new version is not just a “simple” graphical interface change, the site makes a package of changes regarding the features:

  • In the way that WPChannel, you can now post your comments by logging in via your Facebook account (under implementation);
  • The Editorial category has been renamed Blog to provide you with broader content related to our actions in our real life (see next paragraph);
  • A Flickr Group made his appearance. You join him and post your computer-related photos. Screenshots of your Windows/Linux desktops are welcome. We hope to present them in a monthly selection;

Who are we?

For nearly 2 years, we have been present on the Web under the pseudonyms Maigret and Rainbow. We will soon reveal our true identity for practical reasons. As members of the Microsoft Student Partners program, it will be much easier for us to communicate and connect to different networks.

What about tomorrow?

We plan to integrate the forum into the site without any visual difference as it is currently. The Blog category will be able to undergo a slight sidebar lift to host Twitter or Facebook.

We are constantly reflecting on new ideas to improve access to information.

We hope that you will like this new version and thank you all for your daily support!


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  • S@lut the Protutors
    First congratulations for these stats that perfectly demonstrate your skill, having daily figures between 2200 and 3700 is not nothing and even if Google washed the Page Rank you would have largely deserved a PR6
    Regarding the new version of the site (everyone has given themselves the word or what?), I would personally have 2-3 things to say, essentially about the layout of information; having a field per meta considerably lengthens the vertical scroll, perhaps it would have been better to put all these meta on a single line (category, tags, author and date) or even to decrease a little the size of the title, right?
    Of course it’s just an opinion, eh and it doesn't take away from the quality of your job or the new innovations that are excellent

    Let’s eat, p@rticipons...

  • Mr xhark

    Congratulations on the numbers!

    On the other hand for the logo I would tend to say that the old one was more sober, I find it too busy, although it is generally successful

  • Hey, hey,

    Congratulations and congratulations on the results achieved. On the design side, the logo is not really in harmony with the theme, otherwise, it is sober and pleasant to look at when reading.

    Good continuation,


  • Congratulations for all these statistics and of course for this new, much more ergonomic version.
    Small question: for the search form via Google Custom Search, there is no button to start the search using the mouse (requiring to use the “enter” key), is it voluntary?
    Excellent continuation.

  • As usual impressed by the stats.
    Unlike usual: disappointed by the graphical and ergonomic aspect.

    Graph: logo that surprises now that before its style went very well with the box full (tutos?), as some say it is too “artistic” for a site that wants to be pedagogical and resolutely practical. In addition to the logo, with the disappearance of the blue, the partnership pubs stand out too much on the right to my liking.

    Ergonomics aspect: font really unpleasant and tiring (if I didn't know the quality of your content it would clearly be a disgusting factor for me), the Windows 7/windows vista bar (etc...) took an appearance close to simple hyperlinks without decoration.

    To finish on a positive note, the Tuto/Dossier bar (etc...) is much more to its advantage at the current location and the 2 lines may bother a few people but personally no worries.

  • David

    Good morning!
    You know the good I think of the content, I wouldn't come back on it.
    Now, as a good chipmaker that I am, I would say that I too, I find that the logo is not so much in line with the general graphics... the picto on its left makes very “tool”, the general graphics is sober and functional, while the logo all alone makes rather “artistic”... In my sense, too many “volutes” and too many colors...

    Second point that I twist a little shame (but it was already in the previous version it seems to me), these are the categories on 2 lines, and in a different graphics. From the beginning it has a little unsounded... It seems to me that the first line are more “transversal” categories, but at the first reading I thought the second line was subcategories, which is not the case. At the same time, I don‘t really see the problem solving, I admit... but so I don’t find it ultra ergonomic as it is here

  • @all : thank you for these first returns!

    The police bug is normally solved. I just passed Arial by default and no longer Myriad Pro that showed the peculiarity of going well on MacOs but not on Windows for those who own it.

    For the logo, we actually wanted to give an artistic touch, more graphic. But in the end, your relevant opinions convinced us. Let’s put the old one back!

    Some CSS changes are still under way.

    For navigation, there is simply one bar called “generic” and another “targeted”. We had thought for a while to create dynamic menus but it made the code more difficult. But the presence of this double bar will be retained because it allows you to browse the different types of content (tutorials, folders, etc.) without going through the target category.

    Don't hesitate to bring forward other suggestions. This site is yours!

    P.S: stats, it’s just about showing that we don‘t do all this for nothing and that we’re happy with the site’s success. What we're passionate about — I speak on behalf of the team is to learn to do a lot of things with your computer without being a pro to as many people as possible.

  • As far as the police are concerned, we're giving Arial this step. Indeed, and this is a recurring drawback, the rendering of fonts between Mac and Windows is very different. The font originally used was Myriad (default font on Mac). Now, after looking at this more closely under Windows we quickly figured out why you don't like it!

    And for the logo, it is true that it is quite “special”, we will try to improve it by bringing it more unity with the rest of the theme.

    Thank you all for your RTs, thanks, encouragements... it is very important for the evolution of the site!

  • @Funnycat : yes, it’s voluntary the absence of a button. Do you think from an ergonomic point of view, it would be more beneficial for the user?

    And thank you for your comment.

  • Serge

    Congratulations, guys!

    I love the simplicity of new design, great choice of colors (readability and all the stuff) ) .
    Congratulations on stats too — good start for new projects. It’s really nice to see people “worthy” get what they deserve. You deserved it.

    In the remarks (will there that I criticise you one can you asked for it):

    1. On the MailPress subscription management page the form is too pasted to the left (a possible variant — to insert the form on an admin/MailPress/general/template page or page but it is you who see best)
    2. I liked the rounded corners of the frames in version 2 (but this is strictly my personal opinion)

    I'm waiting to see the forum... and thank you for the articles and examples.

  • Theo


    Bravo beautiful site, but I preferred the other theme...but it won't stop me from coming every day:p

    Keep on, yours on the right track:p

  • @Maigret: Um... hard to say. I think “yes” is better for ergonomics and maybe a little for accessibility. [humour] You never know, there may be visitors who have the “enter” key broken [/humour].
    In short, I think the change is minimal but there is a little more if the button is present. Personally, knowing that your new template is fixed width and that there is room between the “blog” link and the search field, I would have added a button (no need to be a text button, maybe a small icon). At worst, it is always possible to narrow the width of the search field a little. Otherwise, it is probably possible to do a comparative analysis with Google AdSense, with the number of daily visitors the data can be reliable.

  • Ponix

    Oh, great! I don't come for a few days and when I come back, the paint and fresh and the wallpaper already glued!

    Very nice! Sleek, sober, airy style, no fioritures, in short a flexible and attractive navigation!

    I do repeat the request of Guymauve’s previous comment to learn a little more about the division of tasks and the choices of subjects.

    The only query I would have to make is to have a little more topics on Windows 7, I'm sure there’s a lot to make us do! As you said above, Maigret: “learning to do a lot of things with your computer without being a pro” is what’s nice!

  • @Guymauve and Ponix : this is the object of changing the name of the Editorial category to Blog: wait a few more days to see some secrets appear on Protuts

    Mystery Mystery

  • @Serge : for the management of the subscription, we will try to do better. Added to To-do list!

    @Funnycat : I just added an icon for the search field. It’s nicer!

    @Ponix : we're gonna put the package on Windows 7!