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Make the Open with a program function immediate in Windows

When Windows fails to determine the program necessary to open a certain type of file two choices are available to you: use a web service or program located on your computer. In almost all cases, the second solution will be the most effective, which is why I propose that you delete the famous intermediate step.

Currently, to open an unknown Windows file, it looks like this:

Capture décran - Ouvrir avec
Screenshot of screen — Open with

If this screen bothers you, then remove it from this step via a change in the registry. Open the start Menu, enter regedit and do Entry. Then look for the following key:


If the key Explore does not exist, you just have to create it. Select the key Policies, click on Edit, Nouveau then Key. Name it Explore.

Open the key Explore, create a new value in the right column DWORD you will have called NoInternetOpenWith via the context menu. It will take the value 1 in hexadecimals.

Capture décran - Editeur de registre Windows
Screenshot of screen — Windows Registry Editor

The change takes effect immediately. Try opening a file with an unknown extension and Windows will offer you directly to select a program present on your computer.

Capture décran - Choix du programme
Screenshot of screen — Choice of program

A little trick that simplifies your life where the system is even more discreet for the user.


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