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Use Ethernet network rather than WiFi

Capture d'écran - Options avancées, onglet Cartes et Liaisons, Windows 8

Convenient in a mobility situation, Wi-Fi is much slower than the cable. However, Windows tends to always prefer wireless even if you connect a cable to your ethernet port. A somewhat radical method to overcome this problem is to disable WiFi. Discover in this article, a much simpler and practical method.

To do this, open using the CharmBar search tool on Network and Sharing Centre.

In the left side column, click on Change card settings.

Capture d'écran - Centre réseau et partage de Windows 8
Screenshot — Windows 8 Network Center and Share

In the new window of Network connections, press the key ALT to make a new menu bar appear. Click on Advanced then on Advanced Parameters.

Capture d'écran - Connexions réseaux, options avancées, Windows 8
Screenshot — Network Connections, Advanced Options, Windows 8

On the tab Maps and Links, in the part Connections, select the connection to be used first and then, using the buttons in the shape of arrows located on the right, move the latter to the 1st position.

Capture d'écran - Options avancées, onglet Cartes et Liaisons, Windows 8
Screenshot — Advanced Options, Maps and Links tab, Windows 8

In our example (see screenshot), the cable connection is preferred over WiFi.

Click on OK to validate.

An option totally unknown but yet very practical.



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  • Well seen on the difference between wifi and Ethernet with cable. But the problem is that people (simple user) think that WiFi goes faster than the one with cable. But sometimes we also prefer wifi by question of feasibility or usability in real time

  • Astute method indeed, probably little known because we are increasingly favouring Wi-Fi. And then you have to admit that for a “standard” web use (surfing, emails...), there is no need to have ultra-fast throughput to navigate correctly.

  • 6025-146

    Hey, Denis!
    Thank you for that topo! By the way I would like to do the opposite in the direction or that the wireless service launches first to allow me to connect in a domain. As without a doubt, you are well aware that the Wifi only captures the profile after the full Windows boot. I want my wifi to connect before the userlogon! Whether my connection or my access to the domain is done by wifi without having to reboot the pc

  • it doesn't work very well. I like that my PC-NAS connection is via cable ethernet. I rarely plug in the cable for file transfers (via network windows in gigabit). Otherwise the rest of the time I am in wifi (more nomadic, more practical). But when I'm in wifi and I plug in the cable it doesn't switch I'm tjrs in wifi, misdoes your trick, forced most of the time, to turn off the wifi. The ideal for me will be to keep my internet connection in wifi but to be able to make my transfers via the cable, in short have both at the same time.

    • DUPONT

      For me the trick doesn't work. Despite my choice Windows 8.1 does what he wants. I select wifi first, and when ethernet is plugged in windows systematically choose the ethernet connection.

  • Denis

    Congratulations and thank you! The “Alt” hit, had to find it! Before, I had wasted a crazy time trying all the tables and options in the control panel without finding the right one.
    Now it’s all simple and it works. Finished the puzzle (and I'm polite) to disable the wi-fi connection chosen by the computer to each boot, yet I was wired to the network.
    Not only is the cable faster, but it is safer in terms of computer security.