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Fix Aero Display Problems on Windows 7

The Aero 3D interface has appeared on Windows Vista. It is a set of visual effects — in particular transparency, which gives this beautiful graphic aspect to the system. However, display bugs can occur that prevent Aero from running until a Windows 7 problem solving utility arrives.

There are many reasons why the Aero interface is not working. However, since it is the graphics card that makes it possible to benefit from this feature, it is often from it that the problems will come.

If you can't activate Aero, right click Customise from your Office. Check first if you have chosen an Aero theme from the list that is offered to you.

If the problem persists, click on Solve problems with transparency and other Aero effects at the bottom of the window.

Capture d'écran - Module de personnalisation des thèmes Windows 7
Screenshot — Windows 7 Themes Customisation Module

A problem-solving assistant then starts. To get more effective results, click on Advanced, this will automatically apply any necessary repairs.

Then click on the button Next then wait for a few moments, the time that Windows tries to identify and then solve problems related to Aero.

Capture d'écran - Assistant de résolution des problèmes Aero
Screenshot — Aero Problem Resolution Wizard

In the end, you will get a message indicating the source of the problem and how it is solved. For example, here is the typical message you are likely to get if your graphics card is not compatible with Aero’s support:

The current video card can support Aero with a driver compatible with the WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card to get a WDDM-compatible driver.

In any case, click on Next to confirm.

Capture d'écran - Solutions proposées pour résoudre les bugs de Aero
Screenshot of screen — Solutions proposed to solve Aero bugs

Other solutions may be suggested to you, but be aware that it is generally appropriate to install the latest up-to-date driver to take advantage of this 3D interface.

This problem solving utility is not the only one on Windows 7 and they have even become legions to assist the user to the maximum in case of problems with his PC. This is a welcome improvement, especially since the results obtained are relatively convincing in the event of a breakdown.

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