Find on this page all the e-books published by the team.

#1 — Windows Vista Booster

Your brand new PC is already out of breath? Long start, hard drive that stops scratching more, frequent slowdowns... Thanks to, this situation will be quickly forgotten! As soon as you apply the multitude of our tips, tricks and tips of all kinds, you will rediscover what computer really is where the OS is totally forgotten for the benefit of the user experience.

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#2 — Customise Windows 7

Find all articles on Windows 7 customisation for free in this e-book in PDF format. Visual themes, logins screens, Aero, Dreamscene: anyway, everything’s going on!

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#3 — Windows 7, the ultimate guide

481 pages to optimise, customise and secure Windows 7 in every detail. To download for free without further delay!

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