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Downgrader from Windows 7 Ultimate to Home Premium

Capture d'écran - Windows 7 Downgrader

Updating to a higher edition of Windows 7 is easy. But how to reverse it, i.e. demoting an Integrale (Ultimate) edition to Family (Home Premium), for example? This tutorial gives you a method that worked for me. To be implemented with caution, therefore!

N.B. : this method worked perfectly in my case: it won't necessarily be the same for you. I share this tutorial on an experimental basis only.

Step #1 — Download Windows 7 Downgrader

Most manipulations indicate that you need to modify keys in the registry to allow you to switch from an Integral (or Enterprise) edition to a Professional or Home Premium edition.

In the method I've experienced, just download the Windows 7 Downgrader utility:

Windows 7 Downgrader (159.2) KiB, 12,800 téléchargements)

Once uncompressed in the folder of your choice, run the only file in the archive.

Step 2 — Choice of Windows 7 edition to which to demote

The utility then displays a window. Simply click on the edition you want to switch to, either Downgrade to Home Premium in our case.

Capture d'écran - Windows 7 Downgrader
Screenshot — Windows 7 Downgrader

Step 3 — “Down Upgrade” of Windows 7

This does, insert the installation disk of Windows 7 — or download the ISOs corresponding to your edition, and choose Upgrade during installation.

Contrary to what is displayed on the screen, the system does downgrader. Normal, since you're already at the maximum level.

To perform the reverse operation, follow our Windows 7 Express Upgrade Tutorial.

Wait for long minutes: in the end, you should find all the programs and other documents belonging to you under the Family Edition as if nothing weren't. Don't forget to activate Windows with a new serial key corresponding to the right product!


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  • Vallet

    When you explain "This does, insert the disk [...] corresponding to your edition,
    Do I have to put the cd of the version I want installed or the one that is installed?

  • Eric

    New link for Windows 7 Downgrader:

  • Gouada

    Very interesting. Your personal example is exactly mine, Aurélien! Return to a lower version because validation is impossible and impossible to move forward because it is already the Ultimate version. I'd take the time to try it and let you know. Thank you in advance.

  • Brésart Francis

    Hello, I followed the manipulations to the letter and the operation was successful! From Windows 7 ultimate, I moved to Windows 7 professional. The hic is that everything my pc contained (programs, files, photos) has been deleted! Thanks anyway for sharing and I understand very well that you are not for anything to my concern.