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Crop and resise an image with Preview under MacOS X

Mac OS X’s Preview application is much more than just document viewing software because it allows, among other things, to quickly crop and resise images.

In my first steps on Mac OS X, I was looking for which app to use to resise images. I have very often been oriented towards more or less “hard” applications, with multiple features that are not useful compared to the need. The Preview app, which remembers it is integrated with Mac OS X, allows you to do this simply.

Crop an image

Trim an image allows you to keep only part of an image. To do this, open an image in Overview then select an area with the desired option:

Capture d'écran - Type de sélection (Aperçu)
Screenshot of screen — Selection type (Preview)

Then, use the shortcut CMD+k or the menu:

Capture d'écran - Menu Outils, Rogner d'Aperçu
Screenshot of screen — Menu Tools, Running d '#39;Preview

Note: it is possible to add the button” Crawl in the toolbar.

Capture d'écran - Exemple avant utilisation de la fonction "Rognage"
Screenshot of screen — Example before using the “Rognage” function
Capture d'écran - Exemple après l'utilisation de la fonction "Rognage"
Screenshot of screen — Example after using the “Rognage” function

Reduce the dimensions of an image

It is often necessary to reduce the size of an image to email the family or to share it on social networks, for example. Nothing simpler with Preview.

Open an image in Overview then, via the menu Tools, select Adjust the size... :

Capture d'écran - Outil Redimensionner une image dans Aperçu
Screenshot of screen — Tool Resise Image in Preview

Most of the time, the use of the option Adjust to, which allows you to select a dimension proposed by Overview, is sufficient.

In advanced use, set the Width and Height according to a unit (%, pixels, cm,...) with the option Proportional scale enabled (so as not to destroy the proportions of the image) allows you to obtain precisely the desired dimensions.

It should be noted that Overview tells us the Size produced as a result of the changes made.

To finish the operation, click on the button OK and save the image. If you don't want to lose the original image, choose the menu Save as.

For simple image editing features, Preview will meet your expectations and no need for applications such as Gimp, Inskcape or other big names. If you want to resise images per batch, it will be necessary to move to dedicated applications.


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  • beauty vanity

    good morning,
    I just tested on the photos I took and it works.
    On the other hand, when I try on a photo (from a press kit for example), impossible.
    I'm told that the modification is impossible.
    How to resise these photos in 600×800 please? (because I am on blogger and have reached the 1MO, so I can no longer insert a photo, unless they are 600×800).
    Thank you in advance

  • Jean-Baptiste

    Little question (which turns out to be a big problem)! How to trim a photo exactly in a certain report (e.g., 3:4)? I don't think Preview lets me do this. I know Gimp allows it, but since it’s a big software, it’s really not worth opening it every time I want to crop a photo. I know that on PC, Office has a software that opens the jpegs and allows you to do several editing options (including the one to crop a photo exactly in a certain report), while being able to work on multiple photos before saving for all the photos. Is there an equivalent for mac? I have the Office suite on my pimp, but I don't think it contains such a program... Thank you for your help!

    • We can trim by keeping the proportions and the editing tools are pretty rich... but not exactly in the sense you're looking for, I think. To be tested! Otherwise, yes you have to go through a retouch software to search on the App Store to avoid installing a gas plant.

      Or iPhoto (but not convenient for image files that you don't want to integrate into your library).