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Save your Office 2010 documents directly in Skydrive

Capture d'écran - Menu backstage d'Office 2010, onglet Enregistrer et envoyer

If you have a Windows Live account (hotmail address, live messenger account, xbox...), you automatically have a 25 GB free online storage space called Skydrive. One of Office 2010's novelty is the ability to save your documents to Skydrive with a simple click. Explanations in the rest of the article.

Take the example of a Word document to be saved on SkyDrive.

Click on File, Save and send and finally on Save in the website.

In the right side, click on Connection.

Capture d'écran - Menu backstage d'Office 2010, onglet Enregistrer et envoyer
Screenshot — Office 2010 Backstage Menu, Save and Send tab

Enter the email address and password of your account Windows Live and click on OK.

Capture d'écran - Connexion à Skydrive depuis Office 2010
Screenshot — Connection to Skydrive since Office 2010

Once the connection is established, the list of your folders and documents will appear.

Capture d'écran - Vos fichiers et dossiers Skydrive dans Office 2010
Screenshot — Your Skydrive files and folders in Office 2010

Click on Save as, choose a folder, enter the name of your file and click on Save.

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre de sauvegarde d'un document vers Skydrive
Screenshot of screen — Backup window of a document to Skydrive

You can now find this document in the Skydrive online space by logging in to your account Live and by clicking on the link Storage Skydrive.

Note that you need to open the folder My documents to see the Word document that we have just created before.

If you click on it, you will be able to edit it directly in your browser using Office Web Apps, the version of Office Online if you wish.

Capture d'écran - Stockage Skydrive en ligne
Screenshot — Online Skydrive Storage

A convenient and useful way to access all your documents from anywhere and share them with other users. And for Windows Phone users, you can do the same through the Office 2010 application.


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