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Save Firefox profile with FEBE

Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) is a Firefox add-on for full or partial backups of its profile. Themes, extensions, bookmarks, history... are the few elements that FEBE is able to preserve in a safe place.Let’s see how the backup of a full profile from A to Z takes place.


Start by downloading FEBE via the following link:

Febe (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) (408.2) KiB, 2,468 downloads)

Basic configuration

For a smooth operation of the extension, several basic options are to be configured from the first use what we will see tab by tab.

Open the menu Tools, unwind the menu FEBE then click on FEBE Options.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options

Options tab

In the section entitled Backup Type, I advise you to check Full profile this will allow us to fully back up your profile. Free to you later to switch to mode Selective for more accurate backup of certain elements.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options

Do not take into account other options, as the default settings are perfectly functional.

Folder tab

This is where we will define the location of the backup. It may be interesting to indicate a removable media (USB key, flash card, external hard drive) but any folder on your computer will do just as well.

To do this, click on the button Browse... then indicate the location of your choice.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options

An optional option allows you to create sub-folders based on date and time, which can be useful if you make many backups.

If you wish, you can check Use records indicating date and time then define the European format by selecting the second option.

Planning tab

Very useful, this tab will allow us to automate backups at regular intervals: daily, weekly or monthly.

By default, backups are done at the user’s request. I let you choose between an automatic or manual mode.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options

Debugging tab

Two important features are offered here:

  • Clear FEBE Preferences : useful in case you wish to reset the extension;
  • Check the extension folder : allows you to determine if your installed extensions/themes are valid. In case of errors, FEBE then proposes to correct them;

I therefore advise you to carry out this verification and correct any problems. This allows us to start on good backup bases.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options tab is an online backup service offering multiple features — which I would not detail here. If you have an account, you can configure it in FEBE to relocate your profile backups to the Internet.

To use this service, check  Use downloads then enter your identifiers in the fields provided for this purpose.

Now that we have defined the main configuration options — indispensable for first use, validate all by clicking on OK.

Backup/restoration of a profile

Go back to the menu of FEBE via the menu Tools then click on Perform backup.

Wait for a few moments and then view the generated report in a new tab.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des options de Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)
Screenshot — Configuration of Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) options

Your profile is now fully backed up in format FBU at the location initially defined. To restore it, you just have to go to the menu Re-establishing — always under FEBE, then click on Re-establish a profile.

Then specify the file to be restored and FEBE will do the rest!

Find out more

The author of FEBE, Chuck Baker, proposes a second additional extension of FEBE: CLEO. The purpose of this is to compact all your themes and extensions files in the form of a single file XPI.

Compact Library Extension Organiser (CLEO) (322.3) KiB, 1,396 downloads)


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  • Alain

    Febe, I've been using it since version 1.5, I think and it never failed me. Pair with Passwordexporter and also Foxmarks and find you a functional firefox as before.
    Very good tuto

  • TSS

    Good evening — I'd like to switch from FF 2 to FF 3 soon and restore my profile with FEBE — Should I fully restore the old profile or only a part and in which case do you need to tick in selection — Thank you for your answer —
    PS:comment should we do this with CLEO? Thank you again for everything —

  • @TSS: it all depends on what you want to restore. If you want to keep your old profile then in this case, follow the tutorial and everything should work. Otherwise, simply select the items of your choice as indicated in the paragraph. Options tab.

    Explaining how CLEO works would merit an article by itself what I can't do in a comment — other people are unlikely to be interested in the issue as well.

    Therefore, I'm ready to make an article on this if you feel the need. By the way, the upcoming opening of a forum will make it possible to submit requests for tutorials/tricks. So you‘ll be able to submit it to it at the right time if you’re told.

  • TSS

    Re — OK thank you for the answer — I just wanted to know if it was useful to fully back up the profile or only part of the files (those that are kept by FF3 when switching from FF2 to FF3 because I know that in FF3 there are all the "sqlite etc... that do not exist in FF2 and are created with FF3 — As for CLEO it always interests me but I would wait for the opening of the forum — A+

  • TSS

    Good evening
    — So I tried FEBE and I would like to point out to those who would like to test this extension that at the time of restoration (you have to go to tools — FEBE — Restore the profile — Choose the folder saved previously, FEBE warns that it cannot do it because FFOX active — You guess my surprise.............. but can only be done manually via a site all in English where we are directed..... In short for me this extension is not worth a nail — but it only commits me! — Fortunately I had previously made a copy — paste my entire profile onto a USB stick — What I will certainly do now because I learned this afternoon that BACKUP FOX another way to save the FF profile was not 100 % reliable either — Friends —

    • check it out

      this extension has not served me yet! because it does not save anything it creates empty folders! so impossible to recover anything! besides it would still be a minimum to be able to use the French language to use this FEBE! so I go looking for another backup system!
      I have been waiting for a moment for a reaction to my comments on the subject!
      still no answers!

  • TSS

    Hello Maigret — Thank you for taking the time to answer me — I've read a lot of your articles that I find very interesting and have kept some of them in brand — pages — To go back to our topic, it’s sure there’s not just FEBE — But what I find ridiculous is this restoration that we are obliged to do through the FEBE menu, then restore the profile so with active FF and that a bubble tells us impossible to restore because an FF session is open....... Look for the error!
    In short, I would not touch it any more and so no more to CLEO of this fact —
    I found another more efficient and quick way to save either the bookmarks or the entire profile including extensions and I will stick to this method —
    Thanks again for your answers — Friendlyly

  • gojcg


    I had 4 Java consoles based on the Infolister extension on my XP PC.

    I had taken a long time to find the solution to delete this parasitic information in Infolister by “exercising” first on a Vista cell phone on which the question had been highlighted. why 2 consoles when it had been cleaned with special care?

    Tonight, while searching for images on a Windows XP PX I saw the console open; I don't always know what it is for. Thank you for informing me.

    Seeing her, I said to myself: maybe there’s still some cleanliness to do... I installed Infolister and told me... 4 consoles.
    All right. I read the above article, very well written, it must be emphasised, but I was worried by a comment: the extension might not work. As a result, new backup by applying the Zebulon method
    Save the directory “profiles”
    # Use this procedure to save the entire user profile, i.e. favorites, themes, extentions, history... Copy the.default folder that is normally found under:
    C:\Documents and Settings\ton_nom\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\******.default
    # Reinstall FireFox
    # Crush the new directory ******.default with the one saved. “

    After a Javara cleaning for vir if the consoles would be there (response: yes), I have
    — uninstalled Firefox by RevoUninstaller (curious; Uninstall by Add/Delete did not work or by MyUninstaller)
    and have resettled.

    No need to touch the backups, at FEBE, everything is in place: extensions, favorites of the personal bar

    And, I think it’s time to write it “cerise on the cake”, more java console indicated by Infolister. The “Program Files” folder needed to be cleaned

    Thank you

  • @gojcg and TSS: well, so much better if your problems are solved! And thank you for your interest in my articles.

    If you have problems with FEBE, a forum is now open, accessible via an insert in each article or via the page (displayed in the navigation bar).

    As a user of Tab Mix Plus, I confirm that the cross is present on the last tab of FF 3.5. By clicking on this cross the tab becomes a white page. Personally, I use Tab Mix Plus for many other tab features.

  • gojcg

    Thank you Maigret for your word

    We like to have a clean PC and understand the origin of the difficulties: difficult question that explains sometimes risky operations.
    I'm pretty sure that anyone who puts the Infolister plugin will find Java consoles on their machine without any inconvenience, until the day the PC or the laptop has difficulties. And then we sweep everything that can bother, so, in general, the most recent.
    But it’s a blog, let’s be brief.

  • TSS

    It’s done — I registered on the forum and put it in my favorites.I will not fail to ask a few questions when the need arises — Good evening Maigret —

  • Lion77

    Good morning
    In 2 words, following a bad manip from Acronis True Home my computer no longer wanted to start, it was looking to load the software on C: while he was on E: (I was using the v10 perfectly and I wanted to test the version 12 recently released — badly took it!
    Very disappointed, so I formatted and reinstall Vista, the drivers and all the rest... including Firefox 3.05 and this is where I come to address all my congratulations Maigret. Thanks to your blog and what I learned (Foxmarks +Febe + Cleo) restore my favorites and all the add-ons took just over a minute.
    Thank you again and Bravo

  • gojcg

    I take advantage of the word from Lion 77 to say happy new year to Maigret and to all.
    Firefox 3.xx works very well.

    A little worry about the Zigtag extension, favorite manager (I also like the one of Yahoo who has 2 rankings: Tags and folders);
    An update of Zigtag’s version hurts
    This concern gave me the opportunity to watch the creation of a new Firefox profile. As boredom exists on 2 PC profiles and on 2 equipment (PC, portable), my diagnosis must be good.

  • @Lion77 : let my readers implement what they learn on this blog so it’s probably the best reward for a blogger!

    @gojcg : in view of the error of the image, I actually lean for an update problem. Maybe this problem is known to its developer, find out about the issue.

    @all : thank you and best wishes also even if we are not yet in 2009.

  • clogged

    Start>Executer> “firefox.exe -profilemanager” and then create a “recup” profile uncheck the box “do not ask...” start firefox with the recup profile and then start the FEBE restoration on the default profile
    Easy and convenient

  • Announce time on MacOS X Mavericks

    Good morning,

    I have a pc with a dual-boot UBUNTU/XP
    I used mainly ubuntu but I bought myself a new pc and I would like to know if it was possible to export the firefox data to ubuntu and “return” them to firefox under windows.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    Announce time on MacOS X Mavericks