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SFR Box 4K NAS access on MacOS Catalina impossible?

Do you own a 4K SFR box? Since the last major update of MacOS (Catalina), it is no longer possible to access the box’s network hard drive. It appears well in the Finder but cannot connect to it. The solution in the article.

Start by opening a Terminal with the help of Spotlight (CMD+SPACE).

Enter the following command and do Entry.

ping mcenter.local

The IP address of the media center then appears.

Capture d'écran - Terminal, MacOS
Screenshot — Terminal, MacOS

Press CTRL+C to stop the Ping command.

Copy the IP then open the Finder.

In the top menu, click on Go then Connect to the server.

Paste the IP address prefixing it by” SMB:// (Without quotation marks).

Click on Connection.

Capture d'écran - Connexion au serveur, Finder, MacOS
Screenshot — Server Connection, Finder, MacOS

Wait a few moments to see your box’s hard drive appear in the Finder.

And that’s it, you have access to your network hard drive from your SFR box again.

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